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ASUS needs to improve their firmware update notes

Rising Star I
Can you not provide more details about what gets fixed in updates? It seems like an afterthought. They are typically vague. Case in point? One of the updates to the ZenFone 6 enabled EIS to the 4K 60FPS video recording. That's actually huge. Is it mentioned? Nope. Not only do you have a bunch of review videos showing non EIS video recordings, but you also have no communication about the issue and it being resolved in a software update. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Give details. Is is that painful to do?

Zen Master I
 I agree with you on this. Detailed change notes should be provided along with update announcements. We dont know the exact changes until we explore our device

Rising Star I
Even if we try and figure out what has been fixed or added it's next to impossible. On the surface it seems like nothing other than sheer laziness. Sorry to say that, but it's like lazy man's notes. I think ZenFone users would appreciate knowing about all the improvements that you bring with each update. "Improved system stability". Alrighty then...

Star I
Yes, Agreed they should add more detail on released note.

Hall of Fame III
We thank you for your valuable feedback. We have already started to improve which you can clearly see with the latest frimware for ROG Phone and Zenfone 6. But we will of course continue improving so this applies to all new releases.