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ASUS 6Z indian model issue with restarting

Star III

Anyone out here how has even a bit piece of knowledge of how to solve the issue with asus 6 z i have facing the problem since past 3 days it continues to restart every 1 min and carry out recovery mode but during pressing power button its again restart with the asus logo . need any one expertise as soon as possible as i need to work and earn money form mobile and pass 3 days i am penny less due to lockdown and no support center to be open till 15 april 2020

Please treat the matter urgent

Zen Master I
first try to boot into safemode .if you able to booted successfully means , uninstall all the apps which are those recently installed . then restart the phone .
if phone boots into normal mode, problems solved .
if phone not able to boot into safemode means , then you do clear cache partition , then restart the phone .
if phone boots into normal mode, problems solved .
at last solution reset the phone if possible , if you free its ok.
but reset will deletes all datas in phone memory.
I dont have your phone model , but i have used zenphone 2 laser

Star III
Thank you for your resposne

My phone model is Asus 6 z all of the above procedure is now not applicable as my phone is not starting as it is just showing the charge option and getting disconnected again earlier the phone use to get start with asus logo and restart again and again but now the phone is not charging i guess . When connected to charger its hows the battery signal and vibrates and goes out and shows the battery signal and vibrates and other than this i am not able to carry out anything .