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No Network or unable to track Sim card Zenfone 5z

Star I
Whenever I restart the phone, the network is lost and it doesn't return for 2-3 days. If I try to call anyone, it says Aeroplane Mode is ON - which is actually Off.
Restarting phone - doesn't help
Reinserting Sim card - doesn't help (my sim works fine other phone and other person Sim doesn't work in my phone)
Sim card tray issue - No
Factory reset - Doesn't resolve
It seems it is a problem in latest Android 10 update - after that this problem is coming.
I read other people post on it - seems some Firmware issue. How to load older firmware - have got access to zip files of older firmware on Asus website for Zenfone 5z - but how to install it?
Please help or any alternative solution
Thanks and regards,