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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Blurry When Moving

Star I

I'm new to the world of PC gaming and the ROG Ally has been a nice intro. With that said, the plethora of settings are certainly something new to me. An issue I've noticed specific (or at least most noticeable) is in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. My game is set to 720P Medium Graphics and when still, everything looks great, but when moving, text and Lara suddenly become pixelated and re-sharpen milliseconds after I stop moving. Is this normal for this game or is it a setting I'm missing. The console is all stock except I have changed out the stock SSD for a Corsair MP600 2230 1TB drive. TIA!



Hi @ellab ,

based on your question, could you please specify if you have made any settings in Armoury Crate SE? 

Have you adjusted any in-game settings related to this? 

You can refer to the link provided for guidance on settings. 

Please follow the instructions in the link and check if the screen blur issue persists.

Thank you.