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Could it be an issue with the ASUS Monitor?

Star I

Hi, I have an ASUS TUF GAMING VG27AQL1A Monitor which is a few months old. But recently I have been having a problem while playing the game Fortnite. Sometimes the game takes a long time to connect. I dont know if the issue is related to the monitor. Would anyone be able to provide me with some solutions on why the game takes so long to connect?



Hi @Wilburn29 ,

based on your issue, please ensure that your monitor firmware and drivers are up to date. 

Have you confirmed that all cable connections are correct? 

If you're not connecting an external monitor, does the game still experience issues with connectivity?

Does the issue only occur in this particular game (Fortnite), or does it happen in other games as well? 

We recommend checking for any updates for the game and contacting the game developer for connectivity issues. 

Thank you.

Before posting the thread here, I applied these methods first, but still the problem was happening.

Though I did not play any other games after getting the issue. But anyway, I have resolved the issue with the help of this article. Actually the problem was happening due to not giving Administrative Privileges. So as per to the article's suggestion I run the program as an administrator and verified the game file. After doing these tasks, I restarted my PC and there was no kind of issue while connecting to the game.😊

Actually as the monitor is new, so I guess if the issue is related to the monitor. So I asked here. Please dont mind.


Hi @Wilburn29 ,

I'm glad your issue has been resolved. 

If you have any further questions later on, feel free to ask. 

Thank you.