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How to remove taskbar on screenpad 2.0

System: Windows 10 Home 19042.630
Model: ZenBook UX563FD-A1080T-BE
Detailed description:
If I use my laptop with an external monitor, I would like to have the taskbar on my second monitor. But if the option is active, the taskbar is also shown on the screenpad. This is very annoying. How can I remove the taskbar on the screenpad separately from the second monitor? 

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Hello yannick,
Do you mean the task bar at the button of the main screen?
May I have a screenshot of the display setting?
(Settings> System> Display)
Thank you.

I did like to keep the taskbar at the botom of the main screen and the second monitor. But not on the screenpad. Attached are the screenpad, display settings and taskbar settings.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello yannick,
Well... it's a bit strange.
The task bar should and can only be on the main screen (if you are using extension mode)
so the problem should be that the screenpad shouldn't have task bar.
May you refer to below link to check if all of the driver listed inside are updated?
[Notebook] How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems when it is not working properly on my ASUS notebook...Thank you.

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The solution I found to get all kind of apps pinned on the screen pad 2.0 :
1- Launch the app on your desktop screen
2- Drag the window down to the screen pad : the window will now be on the screenpad
3- Now touch the bottom of the screenpad to make the little toolbar appear
4- Click on the 2 windows (right to the home button)
5- Drag the app to the right box (which has the thumbtack)
6- The app is now pinned to the screenpad 🙂