Battery degradation

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I had given my phone for repair after that 100% charged battery down in only 5 hours

In normal uses .

Does they had chaged my battery or battery life is over


  • I'm sorry, can you please ask your question again but with other words? I have trouble to understand what you want.

  • I had given my phone to repair due to speakers issue they changed the spekar.

    After that my battery 100 to 0 in 5hr in normal usage.

    I just want to know are they had my changed my battery because it's only six month old device

  • He is saying that he gave his device to service centre for speaker problem and service centre changed the speaker and that problem got fixed

    But he is asking that he is getting less SOT i.e. just 5hrs from 100-0% and this is happening only after reciving back serviced device so he is asking you did service centre change his battery coz he use to get much better SOT before submitting device to service centre

    Thanks @Anders_ASUS 😊

  • Sorry about the late reply. Has you battery improved since your last reply? If you suspect that they have switched your battery, then please contact your service center and ask. 5h total battery life is really short but if you receive 5h SOT then it might be normal depending on what you're doing on your phone

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