Battery charging problem

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I bought rog 2, 8 months ago and now I'm facing the problem of Charging the phone I have to plug and unplug it often to get fast charging signal (++ mark) so please tell me that I have to change the charger/cable or its phone port fault. Im also using aero active cooler 2 and same happen if I plug charging in that too. Help ASAP


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    In my case it was the cable. To be precise pins within metal jack on one side got damaged. If I would plug that side in the phone, whichever port, including cooler, I needed to constantly plug it in and out to get it charging. If I would plug that side of the cable into the charger, I would have the same problem on the charger side. That's how I discovered it was the cable and not the phone.

    I bought the new USB-C 3.2 cable rated at 5A. You have to buy 5Ampere (100 W) cable to be sure it will charge fast.

    It all happened just last week and the phone is 8 months old. So more or less identical as your case.

  • @Saumya kapoor You might have a damaged cable similar to the user above, judging by the fact that it's doing the same thing when you have the fan connected to the side port.

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