i want to buy asus rog phone 2

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i want to buy asus rog phone 2


  • Hi there, we really appreciate your interest in the Asus ROG Phone II. We'd recommend you to stay tuned with us for more info regarding the stock up.


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    Hey if you can wait, you can buy the newer ROG phone 3 (or III) whenever it releases in the future. You will have advantage of additional 1 major update if you buy ROG phone 3 (or III) over ROG phone 2. But decision is yours, if I was you and have a secondary device to rely on, I'd wait a month or two for newer device.

  • My suggestion is to not buy the ROG. The phone itself is amazing, but the after-sales hardware support is pathetic and they have frustrated me to the point that I have given up (I own a ROG Phone 2). If you are going to spend this much money on a phone, best buy it from a company with good consumer support. I would suggest going for oneplus or iphone. I have used oneplus in the past, (3 and 6T) and so far, both my 3 and 6t work like a charm without any issue. Of course the headphone jack might be an issue if you are oldie like me :P

  • As amaanmehdi said, buy an iPhone. Android is a very flawed system and the support is negligible. Apple phones give the user way more guarantees than any Android phone, why? Because the problem is the OS, not the hardware. I have friends with Samsung phones (android devices) with several non fixeable issues.

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