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    With regards to sound delays, it's definately a long shot. Not sure what the mod here has said in terms of limitations. There's going to be other software out in the world which can be downloaded to screen record and stream at the same time. If it happens to that software, then that would be a hardware limitations which means, it cannot really be fixed. It's not ideal that software itself cannot be rectified owned by ASUS themeselves.

    When I record for COD, I don't get any problems and I will upload it here for you to see too.

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    Took a while because the original file was 4GB big and in the end I took a snippet.

    Not sure if you can spot, but I don't feel the lag.

  • Just to clear things up we cannot hear any delays in recorded video. The delay is real time.

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    I think I understand you, so you get the delay when you're streaming online? My mistake, because I was thinking you had problems with recorded videos too. So for the recorded video I have just done, for 2 minutes playing using Resolution as 720p with quality of Medium on Game Genie, and also using low quality graphics in COD settings. That's 4GB of file. I will let you work out how much your phone does when playing PUBG (just record with the same settings as your streaming settings), and at the end of it, see how big the file is.

    So this is definately a hardware limitation due to latency. So probably, while streaming, lower your settings in Game Genie if you haven't already done so and see if that improves. I hope that helps and makes sense.

    EDIT: Recording videos is different because there's no latency going back to the Internet. It's just going to your internal storage.

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    (Not sure what happend, my post disappeared by itself 🤣 - let me try again)

    So this is when you are streaming online and that's where you get the delays?

    My misake because i thought it was happening to recorded videos too. So, the original recorded file I have is around 2 minutes long, at resolution of 720p with medium quality on Game Genie. COD setting is low quality. That is 4GB in file size.

    If you want/can/try, see if you record the game (not streaming) and then see how much the file size is? Why does it matter you may ask. It does matter because this is called latency. The difference between recording and streaming is that you're recorded video only goes to storage. There's no transportation going to the Internet. Whereas, on the other hand when you're streaming, that "file" you are creating for streaming, goes to the Internet and back to your phone constantly. The length of time to get to the Internet and back to your phone is called latency. So if you see where I am going with this, the higher the graphics you use, the more it will have to send (love the car analogy?).

    So what am I suggesting? This is definately a hardware limitation because your phone cannot keep up with the constant communication. I used 720p and quality medium for recording, but you probably need to reduce the settings more for streaming because it is not as quick as it is going through all the hoops and loops (i.e. from your phone, to the router, to your ISP, travel around the world "Internet", to the ISP of the destination (not sure if it's an ISP/data centre for Youtube or Twitch) <<< this is only one way! Add on top of that, running apps on your phone that requires Internet connection? Internet Traffic? It all adds up.

    The best way to sort this out is to trial and error and what works best for you. Some people have to go as far as while streaming, delay their microphones when they speak (if you do use microphones that is). Obviously we don't get settings for that.

    I hope this helps in a way.

    EDIT// Another example, for this web page to load. The waiting for page to load up is also called latency. Treat that as 1 frame (or 1 picture) in the video. Your phone will probably be running at around 30 frames to 60 frames per second (or lower - I am not sure).

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    So this is happening when you're streaming online? My mistake because I thought you had the issue of recording videos too. So the original file size of the recorded video I did for COD is 4GB in file size with resolution of 720p, quality is medium on Game Genie and COD settings is low on graphics. The length was 2 minutes.

    So let's look at it from your perspective, but feel free to give it a try and record to storage (not streaming) and see what the file size is. It will give you an idea on how much you're sending over for streaming (forgetting about compression). So you're probably thinking what does the file size matter? Yes, it does matter, because this is called latency. For recording, you are saving directly to storage and there's no need to go to the Internet/YouTube/Twitch. However, on the other hand, for streaming, there's alot of hoops to get to before your viewers can see what you're doing. From the phone to the router, to your ISP Exchange to the backbone of the Internet to the ISP for YouTube/Twitch. Add compression on top of it (when you upload videos to YouTube, it formats it so it is smaller in size), furthermore to add is the Internet Traffic and how much you have running on your phone which is using the Internet.

    So imagine, this "file" of around 4GB, going through those hoops within 2 minutes. It's going to be a while, right? That's one way. If I am right (but do correct me if I am wrong, both the video and audio is sent as two entities and not as one. Even for us as a viewer of the stream, it seems like one, but it actually isn't.

    Another example, for this web page to load. The waiting for page to load up is also called latency. Treat that as 1 frame (or 1 picture) in the video. Your phone will probably be running at around 30 frames to 60 frames per second (or lower - I am not sure). I will let you figure out whether that is slow or not. But that's how long a viewer is waiting. (This webpage is not very graphical too, so you need to take into account of that too.)

    Another good example is where a movie/video/anime that's been dubbed from it's original language into a new language. You don't hear the orginal voice, but a voice over is given. Another evidence that the video and sound are done separately.

    Therefore, what I suggest is probably lower your settings in Game Genie and see if that helps.

    I have seen other people getting this issue too and they would go as far as re-audio the whole thing or live delaying their audio. It's whatever works best for you and there isn't a one fix for all. You can say this is a hardware limitation.

    I don't know if you understand, but hopefully it makes some sort of sense.

  • I am facing the sound delay while recording AND streaming. The delay happens in real time which means when i am playing fast pace games like pubgm, the person kills me before i can hear the sound of gun shots. The outcome of the recording comes out without any delay which means after we stop recording the software cope up with the sound delay and the recorded video does not have any sound delays.

  • I am telling you not to tangle it more.... Mods got my point and devs got my point. I just want them to fix it asap so i can record montage of pubg and vice versa.

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    It can't be fixed, this is simply called latency.

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    Sure, do you have any more problems that you want to report and I will suggest? 🤣

  • All i got from all your comments are assumptions and no actual fix. You haven't experienced the audio delay issue and you cannot help me. You leave me unsatisfied so no thanks. I would rather wait for a real tech expert who can help me figure this out.

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    Maybe the solution will be found once 5G network will be implemented. In theory that should have low or no latency.

    The temperature of the phone plugged into dock doesn't surprise me much. Your setup requires processing power for both streaming and playing (even at low settings) and that generates heat. During intensive tasks my Macbook Pro easily reaches 88C. It's impossible to hold on the lap if you don't want your strategic parts to be boiled. For Rog 2, I know you find the cooler useless, but I cannot imagine not using it. In long sessions on max settings, blowing at max it reduces the temperature from 45-47 to 40-42C. So up to 5C.

    The suggestion to try other software and see if it creates delay or not sounds a good proposal to me. Than you will have data to compare.

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    I told you a suggestion, lower your settings while you stream and see what happens. This is called investigation. 😅

    If I haven't experienced this, that means it doesn't happen to everyone right?

    Let's be honest, I can suggest what I can here to help (even if it's not the right answer) - it's not even your call. You can simply ignore it.

  • As i said i have lowest possible settings everywhere. Dont investigate again . If you want to face the sound delay issue just open youtube and search for sound delay test videos or play pubg.

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    Lol you're too much. I love these conversations. So, you're saying other people are getting the issue too (as you say, issue on YouTube). So it's not an ASUS issue. By the way, your phone doesn't look very low settings to me. Like I have said, I have already seen some of your videos on this forum uploads.

    Maybe for 5G, but to be honest, it looks abit unreliable. I deliberately chose ROG 2 over a phone that has 5G. Not because of 4G or 5G, it's just that I know I won't be using 5G for a while.

    The remaining points is exactly what I was trying to explain. Guess I scored low marks. I guess I could of said the phone is not powerful for what he is doing. But even then, he won't be happy.

  • You think know too much? Let me tell you there are more knowledgeable people in this forum than you. Thats all i have to say at this point. All other comments from you will be ignored so waste all the time you have.

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    Sorry if I have upsetted you. It was not intended and I was trying to help with suggestions. While I understand you want expert advice and who knows how to properly fix the issue, I suggest you go to a service centre so it prevents you the hassle on here. It's what forums are for unfortunately. If you're not prepared to follow advice from anyone, your best bet is the service centre.

  • They already formatted my phone in past and now their only advice is to wait for system update for a fix.

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    Lol oneplus sucks at FPS games. It hase latency delay on screen when i play FPS games , PUBG and COD . Inplay on my OP 7 pro. Now i sold it to buy ROG 2 and it's the best decision i had done. Best for gaming you can tweak your games performance using hardcore tuning no lags in PUBG COD. And the battery is pretty solid air triggers also is very useful. Stop ranting about the ROG 2 ofcourse it has flaws just like other phone. I also use Samsung note 10 snapdragon variant the battery sucks and COD is not constant 60 fps unlike my ROG 2 60fps always.

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