Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 stuck on asus logo suddenly

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ZB630KL
  2. Firmware Version:Latest .73
  3. Rooted or not:Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:From sunday onwards
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


well i was using my asus zenfone max pro m2 as always,then suddenly it swiched off and when i tried to turn it on from then its not moving from the asus logo screen

for troubleshooting i tried to wipe catche partition but the recovery mode is not working , whenever i try power button along with volume down button, still phone shutting down and again its stuck on the asus logo screen

kindly fix this issue asap cause its so annoying and i am not able to use my phone completely beacause of it



  • Yeah same here due to lock down i couldnt give it to service also tried to unlock using adb minimal unlocking its not unlocking simply restarting and again stuck on logo please help anybody

  • RekhaRekha Level 1

    hey i m also having the same problem i have tried my best but i cant do anything please help

  • All of you are having the issue mentioned above, you have nothing to do except visiting the nearest service center to get it fixed. This problem cannot be resolved remotely since there's nothing could be suggested which you can do to troubleshoot. Its an issue with the ROM and the same can only be fixed by re-writing the factory OS Firmware version which is available in service center only.

    Since Lockdown is going on and all service centers are closed, you have to wait till its lifted.

  • Hello guys, I contacted the asus team via mail and this is what they told me :

    we like to inform you that your device might require inspection by our service engineer.

    We request you kindly get your product checked by our service engineer. They will perform a complete deep check on the device and then will make sure to help you find the proper solution.  

    Due to COVID-19 our all service centre will close till 14th of April as per Government of India current instruction. 

    We are regretted for the inconvenience caused.

    So requesting you once all situation will under control after 14th April, please visit our service centre with invoice for resolve the issue. 

    Note: This is to inform you that if your device is out of warranty or the product is having Physical Damage / Water Contact then services will be on chargeable basis.

    We inform you that a service charge will be 500 INR. In case any part is getting replaced then you have to pay the part cost including service tax.

    If you are not taking service, only diagnosing your device, then diagnose charge of 250 INR will be applicable.

  • The thing is you guys are in no luck as of now as the lockdown phase is going to be extended till 30th April. Till then, try to use a different mobile device if you have any. But the thing is ; this issue can only be checked and fixed in service centers only.

  • I am seeing the same issue with my phone now, all of a sudden, the phone is tsuck at logo and doesnt boots !!

    It seems your latest update has done something?

  • ShahedShahed Level 2

    Dear Sanju , May i know on which version of firmware you are on?

    Because I'm afraid now , if these users who have reported this issue , will it also come to our device?

    And could you please suggest what not to do?To not to face this issue(Just to play safe).

    And now if we also face this issue then we are stoned then , we can't do anything until this lockdown ends. So we have to live without phone.

  • ShahedShahed Level 2

    And to the users who have faced this issue, what actually you've done? Tried rooting? Or did something that lead to occurence of this issue.

    Please suggest something to be safe from this issue.

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3
    edited April 2020

    You absolutely don't need to be panicked. I am on the latest firmware of Pie i.e. .073 version and I haven't faced any kind of issues after updating to the .073. I saw your next comment after quoting my earlier reply and you might have guessed a right point that there's a high chance that people who are stuck at the logo screen, they were trying something with the adb or trying to install custom roms which went wrong. Their issue would only be fixed in the service center where their phones would be flashed with the stock Recovery firmware and that can be done only through the service centers.

    My recommendation for you is : Don't panic. Just keep using your phone normally. Don't try to install any custom rom especially when its lockdown which is extended till 30th April and would be extended further till 15th May. So just don't do any stupid experiment with your device, keep using safely, carefully and normally. Thats all.

  • well nothing unusual has been done, not even unlock the bootlocker

    the issue happnes all of sudden without knowing what went wrong

  • neither unlock the bootloader nor try to install custom rom

    it just happen all of sudden

  • JyothiJyothi Level 1

    Guys my phone too did the same thing a while ago and i don't know what to do☹️

  • JyothiJyothi Level 1

    All of a sudden it just switched itself off. I did nothing unusual I really dont know what I should be doing should I hard reset the phone? Somebody please I need help I'm in completely panic mode has anyones phone become normal because I don't know what to do☹️☹️☹️☹️😭

  • Usually when this kinda issue happens, you can't get into the Recovery Menu to perform the "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" operation. It would just stuck at the Asus logo screen. This issue can only be fixed by re-writing the ROM with the factory Firmware version which only can be done in the Authorized Service Centers. You have to wait till lockdown is lifted. Its unfortunate for all of you who are facing this issue all of a sudden.

  • JyothiJyothi Level 1

    Will my phone be alright after rewriting the ROM and you are right I'm not able to hard reset as well it just shows fastboot something and just shuts down this is causing me extreme anxiety I don't know what to do till the 30th. Has anyone's phone just become normal??

  • Yeah, it would stuck at CSC Fastboot menu only. Yes, your phone would be back to normal state once you visit the service center to fix this problem. Service center would take care of it. But since its lockdown and which may continue till mid May, its bad luck for all of you who are facing this issue. You have nothing to do but have to wait till lockdown is lifted and service centers start getting operational once again.

  • anaghaanagha Level 1

    Facing same issue with my Asus Zsenfone max pro M2 from 8th of April.

  • JyothiJyothi Level 1

    So even if my phone is idle for a month it can be saved? I mean nothing will happen if we immediately don't give it for repair? I'm sorry I'm not that great with devices hence the query please forgive if it seems silly.

  • JyothiJyothi Level 1

    I understand what you are going through. we all are facing this, our bad luck😔

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