Battery drain fix and Camera tweaks for 5z post Android 10/Zenui 6 update

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The timely update of Android 10/Zenui 6 provided by Asus for 5Z is simply fantastic. The UI is light fluid and snappy. Very much pleased to see such great support by Asus. Only few things needs to be addressed that i am highlighting in this post.

1) There is significantly more battery drain as compared to Android Pie resulting in comparatively poor backup.

2)Camera though snaps really good photographs in daytime, needs some tweaks. The lower value of shutter speed is locked to 1/10 in Auto and HDR mode which previously went as low as 1/4 Second. Please revert it back shutter speed to o lower value of 1/4.

3)Though there is EIS switch provided for videos, its not always engaged by device depsite the option is ON. In Android Pie the EIS was working flawlessly. Please look into this and make EIS fully functional in all scenarios.

4)RAM management can be even better

5)Netflix and Amazon HD streaming is not available though 5Z has widevine L1 certification.

6)Sound is great as always but tweaking it for more clarity and balanced bass and treble would be greately appreciated

Please look into these and resolve such issues before you officialy conclude support for 5Z later this year. Thanks in advance

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  • 1)I think gesture navigation needs some tweaking sometimes its inconsistent on some tasks like watching videos from browsers or even in some apps the navigation bar does not get hidden during video playback

    2) network fluctuation on sim 2 several times results errors with sim 1 data network sometimes

    3) i think touch needs some improvements as well during gameplay as multi touch does not operates sometimes like 2 fingers at a time misbehaves

    4) charging speeds are decreased as compared to pie first 5 min its so much faster but after 80% its bit slow comparing speeds with pie takes sometime to get 100% ( even tough it shows fast charging)

    5) would be much better if lockscreen notification bar can be inoperative for more securities

    6) As mentioned above by @aamod.v8 audio can be tweaked a bit for puncier bass n treable as it seems pie was much better in terms of audio quality

    7)camera is gr8 though some tweaking can be much more appreciated as well in terms of improvisations as 5Z is more capable of

    8) Reason for battery drain is android system it consumes 15% of battery of every charge from 100% juz to inform as would be helpful for you to get it resolved?

    Apart from all juz to thank you ASUS for providing us so fluid n snappy UI m in love with zenui 6 no complaints device performance is improved alot ? ur hardwork is really appreciated alot and ur support for 5Z is gr8 i wish in future ASUS does not conclude support to 5Z as it is capable of lot more some add on features or tweaks are much more appreciated heartly thanks to ASUS❤️

  • @aamod.v8 i think 5z cam could use some minor tweaks i dont know if vowifi is enabled for it or not if not it should be .... The ui COULD be tweaked some in line with zf 6 .. Battery life for me... I honestly cant tell ill have to test that..... But... So far so good almost 2 years now with it

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