Display Red tint issue on my Rog 2



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    Thank you for a very detailed explanation. Obviously my screen is fine as I don't have any major flaws you described. Just a slight redish hue in the notification panel which you can't even notice.

    But it makes me wonder if OLED technology is so sensitive, why is everyone pushing it. Not that important in phone industry, but think about TV sets. All major producers are now pushing very expensive 50", 60" and bigger screens which cost a fortune. Based on all the info presented here, my 12 years old plasma is not leaving the house that soon.

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    Every piece of technology has it's draw back. OLED is nice because of the colors and the reddish tint is just what we got to live with. Just check your devices at any store before you bring them home. Can't do that for a TV set.

    Doubt the mods here can do much but I hope Asus will add more people to the assembly line to check the quality and consistency...and also hope they will be able to fix the color tone and color management in a software patch...

    Just a piece of advice...try not to order your devices online and go to a physical Asus store...you can't go wrong with that.

    I am from Singapore and I was given 7 days to test the device before I register my phone for warranty on Asus website. They would do a One to one exchange if anything is wrong within the 7 days.

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    Good for you! In my country Croatia, stores selling Asus don't have it. I got it from my cousin in the USA. If there was the phone here, such customer service like yours we can only dream about. Even in the most developed countries in Europe like Germany this kind of service doesn't exist.

  • Sorry to hear that..then I guess what you can do is take one day which is the day you got the phone to run through all the different tests and see if everything is working. But I guess even returning the device is a pain as well.

  • Oh yea I just wanted to share something with everyone.

    I went back again and watched the Gen One ROG phone review by Marques Brownlee and this is what I found. Just check it out for anyone still wondering if a slight red tint or magenta in your ROG phone 2 display is normal..

    Yes it is normal..but just not too much! if it is too much please exchange it!

    We had it in the Gen One so Gen two is the same since not much changes are made to the screen other than the size and refresh rate.


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    Thanks Jetjosh!

  • The tint is all over the screen while watching videos at low brightness ,and videos look reddish,this is no longer a notification panel issue

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    Yea it is all over the screen, notification panel is just one of the things that most of us were able to pick up that red tint. If yours is that bad then you might want try to exchange it and hope you get a better unit.

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    Try to watch a video on 0% brightness u will notice the red tint,i can see the tint in videos and games only at 0% brightness in a dark room

  • yea we know that and we all have it. just to what %

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    Red tint at this extent, this was shot at 0% brightness level

  • ok what about a 20 or 30% brightness ? is it very visible ?

  • Yes it is visible at 20 to 30 % but at 40 it gets reduced to some extent, this made me to never watch any movie at 0 to 30%,only thing I found better is setting the brightness to 30 to 40 % in a dark room and set the refresh rate to 60hz then the Grey's are a bit better and this is the only possible way to watch videos with less tint in dark room

  • Then it is your decision if you want to exchange your device and keep your fingers crossed for a good unit.

    If it does not really affect you that much then just leave it.

    is your exchange period over already ?

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    Yeah first I exchanged my unit for dust in the camera,this is the exchanged one,do you have tint issue in videos,please upload a picture of the tint in dark environment at 0 to 30%. No matter how many times u exchange,the tint will be there,rog 2 is blessed and cursed as well,we just have to learn to live with it . don't expect asus team to do something because they aren't samsung , they're just gonna leave us and pretend this never happened. maybe they'll solve it in rog 3

  • Do you suggest me to buy this phone

  • Yea that is what I am saying, everyone will have the red tint. Just what % of red tint. You can go for an exchange and hope you get one that isn't too bad. I have it as well but I am using dark mode on the stock theme instead of the ROG theme and it does not bother me much.

    As I was saying in my previous post...it seems like the UI just has more tint compare to incognito tab in chrome. It is still there..like all of us agreed.

    This is what I get at 30% with some lights.

    Well they can do a little tweak to the colors and maybe do a little change in the color management department but that is about all that they can do. This is the nature of AMOLED. Can't run away from it.

  • Yeah ,mine tint is same percent as yours,i got used to it,i wonder how samsung will manage the tint in S11 with 120hz

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