Reason why some of us do not have VoLTE on ROG Phone ll

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I always thought that as long as a device is able to support 4G/VoLTE it will work with any Carrier/Service provider. Wrong!

So I reached out to my Carrier/Service provider and they confirmed that the ROG Phone ll isn't on their list of supported devices and I will not be able to enjoy the benefits of VoLte even if my mobile plan includes that service and the ROG phone is able to support it.

I had the wrong impression that Asus was the one not enabling the VoLTE option in our devices until I did some research. So apparently Asus has to reach out to the carrier and the carrier also has to agree to support the device. Having VoLTE in your mobile plan and a phone that supports VoLTE does not complete the puzzle.

So here are my few guesses.

Asus did reach out to many carriers but they probably did not get the green light and it may be due to the fact that the ROG Phone may not be that popular compared to the mainstream brands and it was designed to be for a niche market ?

Or maybe the Carriers are still in the process of getting the ROG Phone ll supported ?

I honestly have no idea at all. So let's just hope the Carriers we have stuck with for so long are going to make some changes to that. For myself I am probably going try my luck at getting the staff at Singtel (Carrier/Service provider) to try and see if they can try to activate it for me some how.

Link below is just for reference, maybe you guys might want to try giving your Carrier a call and see if they can do anything at all.

If you have any thoughts of your own, feel free to share it below!

Cheers! ?


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    Thanks for the info Jetjosh!

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    У меня на бюджетном pro m1 всё работало нормально. Так что телефон обязон поддерживать такие функции. Тем более за такие деньги. И оператор тут не виноват. Это моё мнение.

  • Thanks for info. I earlier thought exactly what you think. My query is why some people are able to get volte by first inserting the sin in supported phones,calling service provider to enable and finally inserting sin in rog2?

    So, is volte dependent on device or sim? It is a mystery to me. Somebody, please solve

  • Yep got to agree with you, but if the carriers do not support this device then we won't be able to enjoy the VoLTE service ?

  • So far I have only seen comments posted by people from India being able to get their VoLTE to work. That is because currently the ROG Phone II is supported in India by a few carriers.

    It does not depend on the sim or the device but the carrier. The sim is just sim..but if the service is not activated on the carrier's side then you won't be able to enjoy that service.

    ROG Phone II has the hardware to support 4G/VoLTE.

    And I guess people in India is also just bypassing the doing so but I am not sure if it will work for us because I know for a fact that if you already have the 4G/VoLTE service under your mobile plan. if you were to insert your sim into a device that supports VoLTE it is just going to work right away...and it won't do anything.

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    Exactly, I took brand new SIM cards from Vodafone and T-Mobile. They don't support VoLTE in Rog 2. Putting the same SIMs into Samsung (A3 2017, S8, Note 8) or iPhone, they show VoLTE immediately. It looks like Asus will have to deal with carriers, which Asus will not do from their perspective a marginal market like Croatia.

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    It's really complicated and here's why

    Some carriers charge a lot of money for VoLTE support. Some will do it for free. But in both cases, you need extensive field testing. Even when the carrier do cooperate, it often involves a lot of meetings, documents going back and forth, to make sure compatibility is good enough. In some cases asus can do the field testing and in other cases the carrier want to do it themselves. But this doesn't matter that our phones will have high priority. It can takes months and months before the testing is done.

    It's much easier for bigger brands that are usually sold by the carriers themselves. It's also a lot easier getting support if it's a model with huge sales volume since it will mean more customers for the carrier. We're not there yet which means that we're not a priority for most carriers.

    Some brands have partly solved this by allowing users to activate unsupported VoLTE. I may work but there's no guarantee just because the hardware is there. It could also become a daily issues for the customer and in rare cases it could even become a legal issue for the manufacturer. An example would be where the customer is in a life threatening situation and can't call anyone because the phone tries to make the call via VoLTE. Who has the responsibility if someone dies? This is a worst case (what if) scenario but it still needs to be considered.

    You can also imagine that the relationship between the manufacturer that allows unsupported VoLTE and the carrier wouldn't exactly improve if this carrier receives a lot of complaints from customers using unsupported VoLTE. You may remember today and next week that you activated VoLTE without official support in a hidden menu but eventually most people forget and when important phone calls can't be made, someone is to blame. That angry phone call, email or forum thread will go to either the carrier or the manufacturer as we humans (in general) are very good at blaming everything and everyone but ourselves.

  • Thanks for pointing all that out but it is quite a waste don't you think ? Especially for me since I am living in a country where the network operator is not even doing anything at all to block unsupported devices.

    In fact I spoke to them just the other day and they were confident about the phone if VoLTE does not work. We still have 3G here which is not going to be shut down any time soon. The phone will automatically switch to 3G if VoLTE is not available..and most of the time it is not the device that fails but the carrier, when the service is down on their end.

    Just wish your higher ups will give you and your team a green light to kinda enable it...for people in my kind of situation..

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    I can except those arguments as reasonable as at the moment I don't suffer from the lack of it. I have a very positive communication experience both in voice and data, in hands, over earphones and in the car, in homeland and roaming in Europe. As a single device or as a hotspot or tethering device. Very important to me as this is for me in first place a business and productivity phone. Gaming is just a bonus. But eventually as technology goes on, Asus will have to deal with it as the competition is already there. The most important application for VoLTE and VoWiFi is while roaming, using airport and other public hotspots for communication. That can cut costs significantly. You can always argue that I am not a typical Rog 2 user. But you might be surprised how many people are actually using it for business reasons. Battery being the biggest advantage, but also other no nonsense features like loud speakers and headphone jack (I finally hear my phone ringing in public), flat and large screen with no cutouts or holes (perfect for excell and pdf), some reasonable bezels (I can edit documents on edges of the screen without scrolling), make it a perfect business phone. The only thing missing is VoLTE and VoWiFi to make it truly amazing. So I hope you will keep this direction in design and functionality, become a "larger" player in the field and eventually deal with carriers worldwide.

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    This might be the case in your country but we use the same firmware everywhere and in some countries, with some operators (important ones) it could become a problem.

    If there's no VoLTE, then it will go down to 3G. This is true, but if there is VoLTE and it's not working (because it hasn't been tested), then it will continue trying to make the call via VoLTE.

  • Right thanks for pointing all of that out and I understand it's complexity. But I guess I will only know if it is able to work if I have the option to turn it on and let the guys from my local carrier do the rest. They were quite willing to help really but I just don't have the option to turn it on, so they could not do anything for me but drop the case.

  • That needs to be done from ASUS side and the reasons for this have been explained above. I understand that you want to find some way and help us but there's nothing you can do. I don't remember why this trick in India works, where you put the SIM in a VoLTE approved phone and then back in ASUS Phone to make it accept VoLTE. I believe it might have been that one carrier bought another one and that carrier had approved ASUS phones for VoLTE and vice versa. But the bottom line is that you can't do this anywhere else.

  • I don't think that trick works in the first place. I think the carrier probably already approved the device from the start. My mobile plan has 4G VoLTE with a sim card that is VoLTE enabled.

    If that trick works...then it should have worked when I put my sim card in from day one. My local carrier probably needs ROG Phone 2's specifications but they probably don't have it at all.

    Yes I am trying to help you guys out. I am not here to bash ASUS, especially the mods for all the things that are not working on the phone but instead trying to help to get it to work.

    You guys could put this in an update and if it isn't working then you guys could just pull the plug on it again but I still trust your guys and your hardware.

  • I just brought a ROG phone 2. 11/4/19 i have t-mobile. i hope later on Volte will be available for all of USA people that went out and spend good money on a great phone.

  • Yea Bud, I still have hope that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. No point bashing up the mods or cursing and swearing at them because it is not going to do anything but just make us more miserable plus they are just doing their jobs. I still won't give up trying to help find a solution to this.

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    while both the carrier and the manufacturer are both responsible for enabling volte and wifi calling, it is little consolation for someone like me who was led to believe that a phone labeled "North America' would work reliably in the US when in fact the zenfone 6 does not on t-mobile. i won't be leaving t-mobile but i will not be buying asus anymore. so who really loses out?

  • In India they had to support it because a major carrier operates only on 4G 😌

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    Besides India and China are biggest markets by far. In my country which is in population the size of one neighborhood of Bombay I don't know if there are even 10 phones present. Maybe some other enthusiast like me who really wanted it.

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