please can Asus consider arranging three android updates instead of two

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I've pre-ordered my phone here in the UK. I chose this over other gaming phones as it has better update support (I had a rog phone 2 which died, then I tried the redmagic 6s pro, which is a good phone but the software support is so bad).

I know this won't go anywhere, but my job is done if this thread gets acknowledged or fed back as feedback to the Devs/Asus management team.



  • Thanks for your feedback, we'll forward it to the team.

  • Given how ASUS is neglecting the Rog series this would make sense, however I'd argue that maybe you want to change this instead of 2 major updates, having ASUS promise 5years of security updates instead. I think this makes way more sense than having 3 major updates.

  • What's the use? You'll throw the phone away after being crippled with issues over an year or so anyway. Asus knows this and they don't expect people to use ROGs over 2 years

  • I used rog phone 2, till the day i received rog phone 6.

    I can tell you, the battery after all these years of intense usage, was still like i had him like day 1. Never had 1 issue, and could still play easly genshin impact.

    Only thing i would like to see changing, is faster security updates. Now its like for example if its been from januari, you get the security patch in march for februari. Dont like that.

    Longer software, security patch in years, as also 3 instead of 2 mayjor upgrades. Viewing from my point of view asus rog phone 2 could handle easly android 12

  • Exactly the same thoughts here. I loved the battery of my rog 2. I used it non stop and sadly it died. So I'm extra protective of my rog phone 6 and honestly it would be a huge improvement if the devs manage to get the major update support from two to three years.

  • @jajabinx35

    Sadly you can't protect it, it will die on you regardless if you want it or not. The design of the rog5/rog6 is a massive failure. Here are issues the Rog5 users are facing:

    • Dead wifi/hotspot
    • Dead airtriggers
    • Nuked storage (rare)
    • sim1 not working
    • shorted power IC
    • Dead Fingerprint

    After roughly a year we will see aother long list on how the Rog6 will have its very common failures due to its pathethic design.

  • I got my Rog 6 last week and decided to join forum for people who are using the same phone. Only thing I've seen in this Zentalk is you complaining because of bad history with Asus themselve. The Rog Phone 6 has hardly been out and your reporting stuff like it's a definite fact and it will happen.

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    Some of top top voted topics in the ideas forum are about software support. Also it's mentioned in every review about every Asus phone since at least a year. It does not look like it's going to change anytime soon. If Asus was willing to change it they would have done it already I suppose.

  • Because unlike you im tech savy. I called the rog5 would be disastrous on release, guess how that turned out. Now the rog6 is the same design just with downgrades and a newer chip and you magicially think itll be different. We already got multiple reports of dead power ics on the rog6.

  • Please stop bashing the Rog 6 phone! I would be happy if you would leave the zentalk forum! Thanks. Or the staff of Asus should ban me from here!

  • I won't stop pointing out the flaws of the Rog6, there are people unlike you who actually give a damn what they buy. They don't want a product that will cause issues and die within a year. Many people here are from countries where a phone is a very expensive thing, they cant afford to spend a huge amount of money on a buggy mess that is a ticking timebomb. I had so many people tell me they feel sad they didnt come across my posts sooner.

    So do the community a favor and leave.

  • Agreed. But all we can do is to continue raising this feedback. You never know it can help.

    Since we had an Asus rep acknowledging this thread, I think our next step would be to see an official verdict. Even if they can't arrange the update cycle by an extra year, a response would be something we all would want to see.

    I hope more rog 6 owners come and raise this request on this thread. I wish we could make this a sticky thread?

  • writing in the Asus suggestion box is like making a wish when you see a shooting star in the sky, the probability of this happening is zero, even for basic functionalities, and for requests having no impact financial over the long term, which is far from being the case for security updates and major updates.

    So unless a governmental authority imposes it as for the guarantees, in Europe of 2 years minimum, that is of the imaginary domain.

    The tiny hope would be that competitors in this gaming market offer this extended period, except, unless I'm mistaken, it's even worse.

    But hey, nothing prevents you from dreaming, I voted 14 months ago on this subject for the ROG 5, largely capable of supporting Android 14 and even the following

  • I think on the gaming phone market, there isn't any other option other than the rog phone which had somewhat of an OK software support.

    I still remember when the first rog came out and it was seen as really poor (for the software support) but recently, I've just sold my redmagic 6s Pro mainly because I didn't even get a standard security patch update....(i got the redmagic as the interim phone due to my rog 2 dying) and honestly it couldn't compare.

    Not too sure how the blackshark or the legion compares. But I'm happy to keep the rog for at least 4 years and if only Asus can help at least update the security patches.

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    Youre assuming things like im not tech savy, i have been rooting phones since HTC HD2 since XDA was nearly created. But why am I surprised? You're assuming that ROG 6 will be the same as ROG 5. So kind of expected from you and says a lot about you and you're saying its like a fact that ROG 6 will be bad yet its only been out for a month. Kind of laughable.

    Can you give me the reports/link of the dead 'IC' for the ROG 6. Theres nothing on XDA, Reddit, so it be interesting to see if there is any truth.

  • @iAmPhilo

    The fact you consider Rooting phones proof of being tech savy only strenghtends my point. I got a discord full of people who arent tech savy and still root their phones.

    I'm not assuming, I'm basing it on facts due to teardowns and using my knowledge to make educated guesses. I successfully predicted the state, issues and cause on release with the Rog5. Much like now I've been hated on by fanboys but later most of them came back apologizing while begging me for help because they now sit with a broken phone.

    Here are a list of Rog5 failing:

    Just to name a few, in Rog5 subforum its full of these posts and with the failing wifi/bt thing as well. However lets proceed to the Rog6, already people made some comments about the watered down phone compared to Rog6 so I'll disregard that for now, here are the broken ones you asked for:

    The reason you don't see as many XDA topics yet is simply due to the fact that only very few have made it out of China yet, even in china there really arent that many just yet, however as usual, the reports of broken phones are already there, given the extremely low amount of Rog6 in the wild to begin with, this is already terrible to begin with.

    You will likely deny this and keep acting like the Rog6 is the best thing ever, but youll only be one of countless users scratching their head once the phone doesn't turn on or another hardware issue is happening due to the flexing nature of the phone, which should give a ton of older Iphone users a dejavu.

    Still a thing sadly.

  • Yeah strengthen what xD? A dumb point, I ain't gonna waste my time and list what I can do to proof I am tech savy, it's just a general suggestion as you seem to like 'assuming' stuff which shows alot in your post.

    The fact you're listing Rog Phone 5 and not Rog Phone 6 IC fail already proofs my point that first you aren't able to support your arguement that Rog 6 are having IC fails and reports of them.

    But like I said you're 'assuming' it will happened to the Rog 6 like its a fact and of course I would deny when you are not able to provide any proof. Also the Rog 5 failing WIFI/BT is due to the early chips of Snapdragon 888, happened with Xiaomi, so doesn't really proof anything.

    The Rog 6 post also proofs my point, where is the definite proof of IC fail? Really dude, I'm looking for actual concrete facts this would happen to the Rog 6, how you know its not software problem? I've had issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro before when it wouldn't turn on and shit. Did IC die on that as well? Fuck OnePlus too right?

    The Rog 6 aint the best thing ever, my Fold 3 is the best thing ever. Although the Fold 4 would be best now, but its not much improvement to upgrade to it.

  • You're not tech savy, but now everyone should know by now given your responses. I'm still not assuming, I have shown proof which you don't comment on because you know you're wrong.

    I have listed 2x Rog6, but the inability to read seems to prevent you from seeing that. Give it another try, maybe use a magnifying glass.

    As for your baseless wifi claim:

    Wrong, if it was a chip defect the bluetooth would also be dead as it's a portion of the chip that does wifi.

    Also early chips?

    Rog5S with SD 888+, sure is early SD 888 chip or are you trying to define the word "early"?

    While you're at, make more things up to demonstrate you don't know what you're talking about. While you keep fanboying and denying facts while making up your own, i suggest you try to reflect on what you write before a large portion of the forum thinks you're loopy.

  • Go on, I like to see what you 'assume' is tech savvy, since you think you're 'Mr Always Right' and can't actually accept the fact that you're not. But go on.

    You literally listed a post about a guy who can't turn on his phone on ROG 6 and your own text of saying how much people are reporting how bad ROG Phone 6 is.

    That isn't proof, if that is proof, jesus christ, I feel sorry for you. What you mentions are just bs coming out of your ass. I can basically say literally I know 1000 people who has a ROG 6 and they say its the best thing ever. You know what I'm saying ay? I said proof that you HAVE seen failing IC of ROG 6 like your post above have literally said. Not some random stuff coming from yourself.

    If you actually wanna spout some shit, at least have proof/evidence to back it up and not come out with bs which seems to be the only arguement you can make so far is utter nonsense lol.

    Like I said, mf bringing ROG5S, you literally SAID ROG 5 AND POSTED ROG PHONE 5... I have no comment... You keep adding stuff into your arguement that wasn't even relevant to your past point. Cmon dude... If you're gonna proof a point, actually do it. Stop changing everytime.

  • @iAmPhilo

    First of all I techncially posted 2 Rog6 sources, sadly I just realized the 2nd one didnt get posted, most likely due to it being external link combined with a lot of links, regardless, apparently you seem to think this is normal, having very little phones released and people already reporting defects, Now given you seem to have bought Oneplus who already are quite bad for a while now at quality control, already showcase the lack of "tech savyness" as it should be common sense for anyone who is tech savy that oneplus has lost its edge a very long time ago.

    I don't define tech savy differently from its orignal definition.

    well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology

    It's very clear that you asked for sources, I posted you some and now you are crying that apparently The fact you still don't understand my post is literally proof that you don't know what you're talking about.

    You keep ignoring the things I debunk to avoid you losing credability yet you keep showcasing your ignorance towards the Rog 5 and Rog 6. The design of these phones are almost the same, the design is the cause of the problems of the Rog5 and yet you simply cannot seem to wrap your head around basic understanding that the Rog6 will have the same or similair issues because of its design, even people already reporting them.

    The only one who keeps spouting nonsense without a shred of evidence has been you and nobody else. You have been going on and on about things you don't know anything about.

    We all know how this is going to end, people will cry and beg for help after their phones dies again. You will be one of them as well and the worst part is, you will have learned exacly nothing. This is why the Rog series went down the drain to begin with, the idea of making disposible devices that require repairs which the company can charge big bucks on is a very nice business model which clueless users don't really seem to grasp and keep getting exploited. People have this very weird idea that they are never at fault, that they buying something for big money couldn't possibly be a mistake, deny all proof, deny all evidence, deny deny deny, but when the sht hits the fan, they all come back to hate on ASUS, only to buy the next gen anyways to then repeat the cycle, thinking, this time it will be different. Classic textbook instanity right there.

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