Support extension for 3 years on Zenfones.

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Zenfones from 2018 and beyond should get 3 years of OS support with security patches.

Zenfone 5z - Android 11 with Zenui 6 or Zenui 7

Zenfone 6 - Android 12 with Zenui 7 or Zenui 8

Zenfone 7 - Android 13 With Zenui 8 or Zenui 9

Zenfone 8 series-Android 14 with Zenui 9 or Zenui 10.

Guys if you support this idea your votes are very much appreciated.


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  • As I have a 5Z, not only a 7 Pro, had n the past also 4 and a 6 - I am aware about the limitations for an extended software updates support, I went through that in the past with the ZenFone 4, where and when the OS upgrade to the latest was faulty, but also sometimes the Android OS it is not changing significantly from a year to another, some really major changes could be seen after 2 or 3 years and sometimes aren't so demanding considering the hardware. Anyways, it would be great if the support can be extended. Cheers!

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    5z atleast deserves Android 11 or ZenUI7 for sure. And to be honest, I'll look forward for Asus phones only if they provide 3yrs of updates,otherwise No.

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    For this to happen, I believe Asus needs to focus on all departments. Only then they'll have enough funds to do all this. Asus is completely ignoring the budget segment which if managed properly can bring huge profit to Asus smartphone department. Even though Asus is a big company, I don't think they are having huge funds kept aside for running the smartphone business.

    Lets demand Budget segment devices from Asus.

  • Android 11 update for asus zenfone 5z

  • Android 12 for 6z

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    Zenfone 7 pro: support 3 years is great. It can easily be longer ... ;-)

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    I'm with the idea of ZenUI 7 or Android 11 or both.

    Please consider upgrading Asus phones to 3years of Major Android Updates.

    5z has the biggest Flagship community in India. Don't ditch us. I want to say other's that see ASUS listens to their customers and cares a lot.

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  • Asus must consider Android 11 update for asus zenfone 5z. It is doable

  • I am zenfone 6 user and It should get 4 years OS support not only 3.

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    Not gonna happen mate...

    BTW, did you mean 4yrs software support or 4 Major Android updates ?

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    I agree, I have a phone for 1.5 years and ANDROID 12 would like it, the phone can handle it easily, after all, it won't buy a new one just because of the A 12. This doesn't make sense.

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    All this big talk about CO2 emissions and we can't even figure out a way to stop throwing our phones away every few years. Updates require effort for sure, but maybe the problem are the unnecessarily diverse product line-ups.

    Heck, if ASUS were to tell me to pay a bit for major updates after like 2-3 years, I would seriously consider this if the phone is still running fine and the price is no more than 15% of phone price. This way I could decide myself if I want to update. Plus, in this day and age an update could theoretically be crowdfunded, but with an option of a refund if a fund goal is not met. I dunno, pulling ideas out of deepest sea here.

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    Now that Samsung and Google are leading the way, there should be at least 3 major OS upgrades ( or 2 if you launch a phone with the latest android later in fall).

    Security updates should be a bit longer, even tho I'm fine with quarterly updates for older phones.

  • Almost all brands are now in the league for 3 years of update for flaghsips.

    ASUS is the only one lacking behind

    Common ASUS consumer demands need fulfillment afterall its profitable to everyone users as well as company in terms of future products & also in terms of bussiness

    Customer Satisfaction should be companies first priority along with competative market strategies.

    Myself a Asus Zenfone user since 2015 i want to see some appreciable changes in Asus now in this competative world. Try focusing on larger markets like india rather than considering it as second options after ur launch events this will effect global sales as well as brand value for that particular region and than people will stop buying products they are not familier with.

    I hope to see a good improvement in decisions from here comparing to other OEMS.

    Fingers crossed...!!!

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    In complete agreement and hope Asus provides the support and announces their software update policy for 3 years.

    But since they don't sell many smartphones unlike Samsung and other companies except for Pixel , and only launch certain series in India , hence they might certainly stick to 2 years as they would like to sell their new launched device and make some money.

    The point which I am trying to make is if we get software update extended why would one buy a new device

    Having said that I think by normal standard Asus should consider software updates to be increased to 3 years at least.

    Hence its a Yes vote from me.

    Also , I would sincerely request Asus to concentrate on Mid Budget segment smartphones and bring back Max pro Series Back...I know its hard for them to compete in that segment but there are numerous people who wants more Non Chinese brand and by that I mean not part of Mainland China(PRC)

  • 3 years are insufficient for high-end smartphones, 12 Giga and more will be able to support 4 major versions and more.

    Intelligently used battery by-pass doubles or triples its lifespan.

    The equipment in 2008 to 2015 did not allow to follow the evolution of Android over 2 years, the same in 2016-2019.

    The Android 10, 11, 12 evolution is stable in memory and cpu usage, the APIs evolve little.

    It is foreseeable that a Rog 3 will still be perfectly usable in 2023 or a Rog 5 in 2024-2025 and that the hardware fully supports Android 12, 13 and 14 if of course the battery is good, which should be the case if the bypass is used whenever possible.

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