Charging Port Damage

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I'm Ajay Shelke from Nashik Maharashtra. Service centres not providing Services to Asus 6Z (Zenfone 6) , also raised to higher authority they are also ignoring to help & putting responsibilty to service centres.

kindly help me out.

Ajay Shelke

Contact No - 8390874017

E-mail - [email protected]


  • Hi, please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you, since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

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    @fussion_ASUS for me also the charging board got damaged. Because of that my mobile charging is very slow. I checked with few authorized service centers and they didn't have the spares. They said the company stopped to supply the spares for the model. Please let me know withier i can able to replace the board or i need to continue like as it is now (Slow charging).

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