rog 3 volte not functioning after update android 12 (31.0210.0210.230) not rooted



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    At last, got something to hold up, tq asus RND team, but u guys better hope next updte is workout, i have shit enough already for the past week

  • Oh shoot, I hope your next week is better! Know the feeling, had a pretty hard week myself!

  • eqlmhrheqlmeqlmhrheqlm Level 2
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    it works fine on my phone

  • GT500GT500 Level 1

    Is your cellular carrier one of the ones that was effected?

  • Exactly why are you here then? Your carrier probably still uses old 3G tech which many carriers are discontinuing.

  • I thought I would share this ridiculous response from the CEO's office. Basically saying it's because AT&T doesn't use 3G anymore but she fails to understand ROG3 has VoLTE built-in and that's what Att uses now and VoLTE worked fine on Android 11 without 3G. She told me to look at buying their other phones, all the email did was make me more angry.

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    1. I'm nevet buying ASUS devices ever again after seeing DEAD mods on this forum who just IGNORE the posts before those get auto closed!

    2. Why is none talking about Jio VoLTE in India?! The LTE call just doesn't work until I restart my device like 4-5 times!

    3. A12 to A11 rollback seems to be the only option left to me but, CONGRATULATIONS TO ASUS, they haven't bothered to put a detailed process up anywhere on their websites or forums!

    I'm so fkn pissed off with negligence of Asus with the costly phones!

    It's not the PRICE that should be high. The after sales support should be TOP NOTCH as well!

    If it's not, the brand will automatically get wiped out from the market!

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    I have computers Asus never a problem until now with the phone, I don't like how Katie E. Answer about this situation, i spent more than 1 k in this phone 512 space And 16ram , easy answer get a new... Customer service very poor.

  • don't think so, because have not had any problem after updating

  • javcarbejavcarbe Level 2

    Katie represents Asus for customer service she should know before answer that, or at list contact someone before any answer... Sorry I work for customer service and the customer always is first.


  • I've been in customer support for 15+ years and never have I ever told a customer.

    I'm sorry about your issue, I clearly know nothing about the issue, but I'm sure if you buy another of our products you'll be satisfied.

    Who in their right mind says sorry we can't fix your issue and thinks the customer will buy another product from you.

    In search of incredible. Wow really in search of incredible profits and incredibly poor customer service.

    I've owned multiple Asus products over the years from motherboards to graphics cards to monitors. And of course I hopped in on a phone. Their hardware specs are good any quality control issues are handled in a reasonable fashion. For example the motherboard issue with the capacitor the wrong way around. I thought that was handled well.

    But this... Releasing software that literally breaks the phones purpose... A phone.. And then not only not providing an official statement on it, but the mods have to say remember we're human. Really? Remember that the customer depends on this product to not only conduct business but for safety. You can literally threaten someone's life by releasing software that has unintended side effects. Has anyone needed to use emergency services but couldn't. That I don't know. But imagine if I was on call for a hospital the phone auto updates and I can no longer receive calls, admittedly I had the setting on but at the same time there's an expected guarantee that my phone works as a phone regardless of software on it. There's a breach of trust there I can't abode.

    This issue was brought up in beta by multiple people, myself included. We were provided rollback steps but was anything done further, No. Release the software with a known issue that could endanger public safety is negligence.

    You can't expect your beta testers to push the developers to correct issues. You're expected to alert them of issues and for that to go up the chain. How did this get dropped out of ever bodies to-do list. Everyone's at fault here from the mods to the devs and yes even the beta testers. But the customer themselves should not be endangered due to this companies negligence.

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    MOD.s doing their best won't suffice, Mattias.

    It's the DEV.s who have to do THEIR BEST!

    We paid $1000+ in India to get hold of ROG3 on the first sale. That's the last time I ever bought an ASUS product.

    I'll not buy ANY ASUS item in future. They take customers for granted. NOT WORKING!

    MOD.s don't really design or fix the broken OS. It's the DEV.s who have to do it. Looks like dev.s are least bothered to support their 2 year old flagship!

    If this is the INCREDIBLE that Asus has been searching for, then I must say woth regrets all around, DEAR ASUS, STOP MESSING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS AND FANS. OF WE CAN PUSH YOU TO #1 IN COMPUTER INDUSTRY, WE CAN BRING YOU DOWN TO #1000000! PLEASE, DON'T PLAY WITH CUSTOMERS!

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    Well..that was a dissapointment in sentences, this guy got the whole point taken into consideration..and i wonder there is no official statement from ASUS regarded this one right?..wonder why or am i not knowing?my nad them

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