Can someone explain to me,

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who needed this phone?


  • Anyone who wanted the best of the best without any compromise.

    All phones have weaknesses somewhere, either display isnt great, speakers are weak, battery life is bad, performance is mediocre, camera is medicre and so on.

    This phone is the only phone to my knowledge that has no weakness whatsoever, it is top tier in every single way. Most reviewers stated that it was "too much phone" for the average user.

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    Maybe you are talking about the bands and raw CPU performance. It still has no audio jack, no big battery, no high resolution secondary and selfie cameras and just two extra card slots.

    If you had to test VoLTE all over the world for ASUS or run Geekbench all day with a charging cable attached, this phone is for you. All otherwise it seems like there are more meaningful alternatives.

    Also, talk about yet another nondescript brand.

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    I'm thinking of buying this phone,,so you obviously like it yes? I know it's starts on A 11 but I can live with that. Any bugs that you know about yet??

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    PS you put me onto the One plus 9 Pro which was a great phone just bad timing for me. Before the 9 Pro one plus had a great record ( maybe not so great for OS updates but hey, I've had Asus phones for years now so wtf is different) not your fault that shit happened just when I purchased one )

  • 3.5mm audio jack is nonsense on a device like this. When you spend that kind of money you have good bluetooth headphones with you and even if you don't, you get pretty good in ear bluetooth headphones with the phone. 3.5mm only really makes sense on budget phones these days.

    Battery is ok, it's not small but also not huge. Due to its software optimizations it lasts quite long.

    Resolution is irrelevant, the cameras on the phone is top tier, they have rather large sensors and easily compete with the likes of samsung S22 ultra. Infact due to its superior processing it actually beats the S22 ultra.

    Lets compare the Asus to a S22 ultra for instance:


    • Better camera
    • Better Sound
    • Better cooling, less throttling, better performance
    • Better battery life
    • Much less bloat and nonsense
    • Better networking
    • Better fingerprint sensor


    much better software support

    slightly better display

    The Asus is just better in many ways, yet you would recommend a samsung S22 ultra. Try to actually research before making nonsense claims.

  • Its kinda hard, I really like it from a hardware and initial release aspect. Its a no compromise phone in terms of that, what really makes it hard to recommend is the software support. Its REALLY MEH. Due to its very low sales because of the price, qualcomm and ASUS don't really care to put ressources to updates really. The phones only weakness is sadly a very big one.

    For now I'd wait and see what the Zf9 is going to be like (event in 7 days). I think ASUS's main focus this time around was the zf9, seeing how the Rog6 turned out to be a rog5 again.

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    Do I undestand this correctly, you boast about how amazing that phone is but then it has bad software support? If I am correct, then what is this logic? The engine is a nuclear reactor from the future but the wheels are square? There is no basis to discuss from there, my argument stands that it is just a big beta test. Good luck trying to use this phone past reading its specs.

    In terms of Bluetooth, it was so far the goofiest experience I have had from any audio device in my life based on my ZF7 Pro. It is good for some certain things only. And I did jumped onto the wagon with momentum 3. If this is not good enough, then thanks, I will skip this bandwagon until my next life.

    Camera resolution means dynamic range + rich greens and reds. You cannot postprocess what is not there, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the sensors are great, but why then put a bigger main sensor? Price? Oh please, it is over 1000 bucks

    I would not go for Samsung, or any overpriced phone. I get it that some people like to show off with gimmicks, but it wears off quickly. The rest is what ROG already offers. Also, again, gooood luck having a great phone without software support.

  • You clearly do not understand. You asked who this phone was for, I answered. Then you start to argue about things that are simply wrong, I corrected you and now you somehow imply anyone should buy it.

    You have no argument. You literally ramble for nothing.

    Then you start talking about ZF7 bluetooth performance, which I'm not sure what you even start that discussion for as its irrelevant to this phone.

    No, camera resolution means, camera resolution. dynamic range is purely based on processing, nothing else. You clearly don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about. The lenses on this phone are nicely sized, which means they have no real issues working nicely in lower light scenarios.

    Since you seem to have a Zf7, go inside your house where the light isnt optimal or any other not optimal lightning scenario, shoot 2 images, once in 64MP mode, then in 16MP mode, then come back here and post results, after that tell me how amazing the high resolution pixelated mess is when the pixel size is only 0.8micrometer vs 1.6.

    In your last statement you make a good point, all phones that are flagships are overpriced, any budget phone from motorolla can do the same with much much much better battery life for only 300USD.

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    Why do you assume that what I get from a ZF is in no way representative of what the manufacturer does with its other phones? The software is not good. That is the message I am receiving both from your posts and my ZF. Those are facts by which I have to work, not ramblings.

    Now to the next facts, of which you have absolutely none in terms of what I know or don't, so spare yourself the comparisons.

    In terms of dynamic range, scaled 64MP to 16MP is sort of post processing, but a native 12MP has none to speak of. Here I can assume it is worse because there is theoretically less data. Maybe the lenses are great after all, I don't know, but at this tiny scale i doubt they are. After that come the focus issues, which, for example, got a bit downgraded between ZF 6 and 7 (there is no longer focus past infinity as far as I can see). Now I digress, but to put out so many phones without support, they have to share things between them.

    The point is still, who needs this phone? It is barely represented and too overpriced.

    I can go on and on because salt.

  • You're literally saying, that a new piece of hardware must be bad because somewhere an older piece of hardware had issues. That is so dumb I don't even know why I have to explain this to you.

    Also software isnt bad on the snapdragon for insiders, nobody said that, I said software support is bad. Mainly what I'm complaining about is the lack of security updates. As far as I'm aware the phone is pretty much bug free. If you want bad software, try oneplus. 7T users in partucular will gladly write you an essay on why you should never want software updates after initial release.

    As for camera part...

    Good lord, the ignorance you display is frightning.

    First of all, there is no scaling whatsoever. The Camera lens itself has a feature that allows it to bin the pixels in order to get more information in lower light. This has nothing to do with processing at all, if all you did was scale an image down to 16MP youd have the same bad performance in low light. What you demonstrate here is absolute lack of understanding how the cameras and software on phones even remotely work. The fact you somehow think the dynamic range has anything to do with resolution is just ridiclous. You don't even understand how HDR works at this point, because if you did you'd know that resolution has nothing do do with dynamic range. The fact you admit you don't know, yet you still argue with someone who obviously knows wtf he's talking about makes this even more comical.

    I already explained to you who this phone was for. If you can't accept reality because you somehow think your zenfone is the same as the insiders then you're behond help.

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    So let me recap this based on your own comments: you don't own it and the other guy also doesn't. So here you go. The answer is, nobody needed it. It is hard to swallow, I know.

    In terms of camera performance, bravo on assuming and calling me out about how clueless I am, because, obviously, you must be the greatest tech genius in the Universe because you know how to post on a forum.

    Based on how ASUS handled support so far, goooood luck with buying any new device from them. You are as good served as by the next Chinesium brick. As it usually is, habits die hard, so it is naive to think they will suddenly change with the next device. I still leave a door open for some doubt here, but releasing thousand dollar devices each year, expecting to sell them, is naive on their side as well.

    So, quick recap for lizard brains: nobody has it, so nobody needs it.

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    Yeah but I am an old man with shit eyesight ( don't worry you will get the same when you hit 60 something) so unless Asus comes up with a zenfone 9 flip I have to look elsewhere. I am actually thinking of going back to the OnePlus range. You were right on the money with that one. The phone itself in your hands feels great,hard to explain you really need to hold One to appreciate it, just a pity that OnePlus were having a software nightmare when I bought one . Decisions decisions. I am going to wait to see if Asus comes up with a 9 flip, and I think that they will, and decide then.

    Thanks for your help I appreciate a word from people in the know

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    I know someone who does so I'm familiar with the device. Nice try tho.

    Not assuming, knowing. You have demonstrated on multiple occasions that you're absolutely clueless and don't have a shred of a clue how cameras work.

    Support is fine, I have the Rog3 as my daily driver which is the only gaming phone from that generation that runs A12. The Rog3 is generally quite bug free, currently there is only 1 bug which broke VoLTE support, comparing that to the Oneplus 7T A11 update, the Rog3 is excellent.

    Also its not naive from their side, they clearly sell, otherwise they wouldnt make it, it's a business after all. If you're naive enough to think they don't sell, then you're more clueless than you let on.

    Also recap for lizard brains: techncially you only "need" a 50 - 200USD phone. So don't even go there.

  • My mom has poor eyesight due to her diabetes and uses a small phone (xperia XZ1 compact), setting the fontsize on large was enough for her. But I do get the appeal of a larger screen despite that.

    I would wait for flip for now, if it isnt good enough let me know, I can look for something more up your alley with good software support and something that fulfills your needs.

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    Thanks man I appreciate your help. I don't think that Asus will drop the flip phone rather they're playing their cards close to their chest but time will tell eh

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    Still, no owner has posted with a phone here telling me how great their phone is. That could mean two things, either nobody has it or, again, too few people have it for someone to end up here.

    The only thing I want to add is that your understanding about cameras is not wrong but limited to two pages of an ancient Egyptian manuscript about goats and I just don't know the right magic words to satisfy your religion. There are too many factors to do an Internet Discussion out of this, lets be done with it.

    Releasing new phones and dropping support for perfectly fine old ones is bad business. It is like a self-limiting sickness everywhere.

  • Almost all people are here because they had issues with their phone at some point. People not answering here means that there is no issue with the phone to begin with. That the phone had low sales has already been established before as well due to the fact that it was "to much phone".

    We have established youre clueless about cameras and yet you still try to talk about my knowlegde. To illustrate how silly it is, its like an elemtry school kid trying to comment on a professors knowlegde level. Just stop it already, youre embarresing yourself.

    I hate to break it to you but all phone manufacturers do exacly that. You implying like only asus does that is illustrating massive ignorance.

  • People who post here are people who had issues to begin with. That the sales are low to begin with has been established before due to the fact that it is simply "to much phone".

    You commenting on my understanding on how cameras work is equal to an elementry school kid trying to comment on a professors knowledge leven, it's silly to begin with.

    I hate to break it to you, but this is common practice for all phone manufacturers. Also software support for the insiders isnt dropped, it's just not very good.

    I suggest you stop embarresing yourself further.

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    Wow. OP literally is technology literates. And looks like entitled to me. Sounds like want a best of the best in all categories phone but with a really cheap price.

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