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I updated my phone after getting back from a deployment in Iraq a few years back and the screen went completely black after the update. I have tried all the resetting of the phone and what not but the screen still stays completely black and the phone still makes noises and you can feel responsiveness from the phones screen i have read other post indicating that the update is what bricked the phone is there any way i can fix this problem with out having to send the phone in? I only had the phone for roughly a few months when the issue came up but have been busy in life plus the whole covid thing made everything a hassle back then. Hopefully i can get some help since this was a pretty expensive phone.



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    Any one at asus read these forums?

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    no response in 4 days?

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    You can only solve this situation through the service center, and the online forum cannot provide a solution for not sending it in for repair.

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    The Service Center wants me to pay to fix the problem that was caused by an update the company pushed out.

  • Hi @rekonsile

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Unfortunately, the only way this issue can be fixed is by reaching out to the service center. However, If you've only had this phone for a few months you should still be covered under warranty. You can reach out to technical support via chat or by following this link:

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    If you experience a black screen while updating, my advice is to try reverting to the old stock firmware. It's possible that the new firmware has BUGs


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