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Rising Star II

from what the moderator told us, some of you guys send your log with the temp below 35. don't log your phone all day or just log without doing anything.


do the following steps:

1. check your temperature first on armoury crate (if it's too hot, try cooling it down first by turning your phone off for 15 mins)

2. if your temperature within normal temp, start the log from calculator

3. do anything that makes your phone get too hot (do something u usually do like playing game or maybe watching youtube or opening instagram / tiktok)

4. for every 5 min or 10 min check your temp in the armoury crate, u can slide from upper right on your screen if u use it for gaming.

5. after the phone get too hot, check your final temperature on armoury cate, then close all application and stop the log from calculator.

6. all you have to do is send your log to @Mattias_ASUS , and tell him what apps u use and what is the final temperature. plus poin if u take a note on the time, but if u don't take note on time, then just do this 5 steps.


do this, and we will have a good amount of log for them to check.


ps: don't be a stupid person to turn up your volume or brightness to 100%, any phone will get too hot if u turn the volume or brightness at max for a prolonged time. don't give anything for them to justify the phone temperature.


Rising Star I

but be careful not to reduce the performance of the ball with the software, as they did with the rog 8, the problem is and I'm 90% sure that the kernel is written badly, very badly, with the application it spins too much to the point that the frequency drops unnecessarily slowly to the minimum, with games it's more complicated because it's a change in the situation, every game is somewhat complicated, demanding codm, where a year ago and now it's 10%/20% more demanding, it wants to adjust stability but not reduce performance, in my opinion, in games, the GPU spins too much together with the CPU but who knows, they must know, I'm not a programmer anyway, but if it messes up again, then **bleep** off Asus, yeah, and I heard a sound too, it's messing up, so they don't notice me, but let me look into it too, **bleep** it's a shame for Asus, normally gold Nubia fact

Star I

Be cautious not to compromise the software performance, as seen with the ROG 8. I'm fairly certain, about 90% sure, that the issue lies in poorly written kernel code. The application causes excessive spinning, which unnecessarily slows down the frequency to a minimum. Gaming presents even more complexity due to the evolving demands of games like CODM, which has become 10%/20% more demanding than last year. The goal is to maintain stability without sacrificing performance. From what I observe, in gaming scenarios, both the GPU and CPU may be overworked, but I'm no programmer. However, if these issues persist, it's quite disappointing for a brand like Asus, known for quality. Additionally, there's an audible glitch I've noticed. I hope they address these concerns, as it would be unfortunate for Asus's reputation.

Rising Star II

i don't agree with the part where games now more demanding 10/20%, in a way maybe that's true, but do you know that game dev test their game on the lowest spec possible of smartphone ?


yeah it's more demanding but it's for the lowest spec, with the kind of hardware on rog phone 7, anykind of game made before 2024 should be a breeze to run.


The problem lies on another place. It's not that the apps/game make the phone temp go up, but the phone itself use too many power to run a game which doesn't need a lot of power to begin with. if u think about it, did youtube or instagram need so many power ? why the phone heated up when u only using youtube or instagram, this is my base as why the apps it self is not the problem here.


and finally, i don't understand how the post that two of you make related to the thread here.

Star I

Firstly, it’s true that game developers often optimize their games to run on a wide range of hardware, including the lowest specifications possible. This helps ensure that their games are accessible to a broader audience. Devices like the ROG Phone 7, which are specifically designed for gaming, generally have high-end specifications that exceed those minimum requirements. As such, they should indeed be able to handle games developed before their release quite easily.

Regarding your point about device overheating, this is indeed an interesting topic. Overheating can occur for a number of reasons. High-performance components like CPUs and GPUs can generate a lot of heat, especially when encased within the small confines of a smartphone chassis. When you mention apps like YouTube and Instagram causing the phone to heat up, it’s important to note that while these apps might not be graphically intensive, they still engage other parts of the hardware intensively. Video streaming and playback, for instance, can be CPU and GPU intensive, especially at high resolutions and frame rates. Similarly, social media apps can be demanding due to constant data fetching, image processing, and sometimes even background activities.

Moreover, the way software manages hardware can also impact heat generation. If the power management within the device isn't optimized, even less demanding applications can cause overheating. This might be exacerbated by background processes or other apps running simultaneously, which can also draw power and generate heat.

  • To bring it back to your question about how all this relates to the thread, if the discussion is about device performance and optimization, then these points are quite relevant. Understanding why devices overheat, whether due to demanding games or less optimized app performance, can help users troubleshoot issues and manufacturers improve future products. If you’re experiencing unusual overheating, checking for software updates, managing running apps, and even controlling ambient temperature can help mitigate some of these issues.
  • If there’s a different angle or a specific detail you feel is missing or you'd like more information on, feel free to specify, and I can help clarify or explore that further with you!