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Hi, as android 12 has introduced monet theme engine, which changes accent color of system based on wallpaper or lets us choose the color by ourselves and also changes the icons colors...it would be needed for Rog 5 too...because of the theme engine of a12 absent in Rog 5...the device has 2 seperate accent colors a blue or orange accent that is provided by the built in Asus theme that are pre installed...and a 2nd greenish tint background with green accent on all Google apps by the a12 Monet theme engine ...so it couldn't be fixed until the money theme engine is given to Rog 5...if u tweak the Google apps from the ugly green tint to any other accent even then when we use any of the Asus themes the accent of Google apps will not change.

So gives the monet theme engine with the default Asus classic theme ..and we will use it.

People who want to use the themes can use the Asus theme store.

The Google apps in current a12 for Rog 5 is too ugly with greensih tint instead of grey color in dark mode...and u guys tweaking the Google apps and changing its accent without providing us monet theme engine will not fix it as if we use the pre installed game theme again the accent will mis match with orange and blue...we need monet theme engine of a12 to fix this ui customisation

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