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I'd like to hear what most people would wanna see in the future for ZenUI. As for myself I mostly want to see duplicate apps get removed. I'm talking about the Asus clock, gallery and calculator for example. In my opinion development time could be much better spent on getting updates out faster and other developing more exciting new features.

So yeah what do you guys wanna see in the future?


  • I would say some of these apps aren't technically duplicate apps because we aren't actually shipping ZenUI with two of them - for example Clock and Calculator - as in we dont also load Google's Calculator or Google's Clock.

    Gallery you could say is a sort of duplicate functionally with Google Photos - but there are users who also have some concern using Photos from a purely privacy aspect. And you could argue the benefits/point of using Google Photos strictly offline.

    However, as always, we're open to suggestions from the community and taking in feedback for future iterations of ZenUI.

    As @VS-KR mentioned - the Asus calculator actually has extra features built-in such as the Unit Converter . which is quite useful I think! Although we could probably make it easier to find.. or communicate it better somehow - as I do think a lot of users dont know.

  • Fair enough. I don't think any of the apps are bad or anything like that. Guess I'm just hyped for Android 10 right now ?

  • I use a 3:rd party gallery app "Simple Gallery" which I like, and Snapseed to manipulate photos.

    I have disabled Google Photos because I simply do not like nor need it.

    Asus Gallery app I find "unuseful" at best, for similar reasons as per Google Photos.

    I do the same in my Xiaomi phones - disable the bultin apps.

    Now I realize that some things do not work well or at all in the camera apps when you do this, like motion photos in the Gcams, which requires G. Photos.

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