Asus ROG phone 5 (not rooted), wifi not turning on.

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From past one week, I am unable to turn on wifi on my non-rooted Asus ROG 5. Due to this, I am also unable to use hotspot. Need help for this.



  • And if you help yourself !!!!!!!!!!!

    On this first page alone there are 8 entries with the same problem and dozens per page going back to July 2021

    You better take action with the hundreds of users who have had the same problem, go read the message which has 508 entries at the bottom of this 1st page, in short, apply a world famous expression "self censored"

  • Hi saiexcellencesnehil

    Apology for the experience. For now, request you to please visit the service center. Please share the RMA via PM if you have any issues during service or any issues confirm via PM as well.


  • Hey ARP_ASUS,

    My phone just crashed while using Whatsapp on Saturday. The phone was not powering on and not even charging. I have given it for repair. They say that the Wifi issue and this crashing issue are both related to motherboard of the device and they have to change the motherboard. Also, they say it will take 1-2 weeks. I don't understand why it will take so long. Pls help.

    PS: I tried messaging you personally, but I couldn't get an option for that. It will be better if you can message me, so that I can share the RMA with you.


  • They're talking it so long because they don't have the spare parts in stock

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