How many of you have faced issues after motherboard replacement?

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Hi, just curious to know how many of you have faced issues after replacing the motherboard! I have faced the same issue yesterday being in Android 12 beta, so i am making a separate thread so that you all can mention specifically all the problems you faced after the replacement, number of replacement done and also if you were charged for the replacement of motherboard after the product went out of warranty having the motherboard replaced.

I am going to show this to the regional head of SQM so that they get to know what exactly we are facing. I know that its a naive start, but please support so that others can also benefit out of it and Asus takes some action as an official statement.



  • After motherboard replacement worst performance in the phone

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Can you be specific onto what all issues you have been facing so that i can raise this complaint via legal actions.

    For others i have already hired a lawyer who is ready to fight for this case. So request everyone to pour down your after service experience with the replaced motherboard.

  • Hi ,I already changed the motherboard twice.Still the problem remains again and again.Now the device is in service center only .They done test process finished.This time no parts changed.service engineer told your phone working properly. Coming week i will collect my device in service center.If the problem not resolved I should go for a legal complaint on asus.They Are fraud I lost my money my valuable time and I totally depressed.

  • Exactly. I can feel your frustrations. Imagine they change your motherboard on the 11th month and after a few months same issue happens. They will say then pay for the motherboard replacement. Which is absolutely illegal. Please do also let me know if they have extended the warranty or not. I will be later requiring your RMA which you may forward me personally, so that we can highlight all the cases to the court.

  • I will support you and DM to me I will send all detail for you.

  • They haven't extended my warranty after my motherboard replacement (obviously they will never). I got the device back a week ago after the mb replacement; so far, haven't noticed anything major as such but I've a feeling that something will come out of nowhere anytime just like the last time.

  • Exactly. The same thing even i am skeptical about as many users have reported. If they release an official statement then we can proceed ahead. Many brands do it but Asus till now hasn't owned to it.

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    If only I had joined the forum before making my mind to purchase any rog device, I'd have just saved myself precious time and hard earned money. I just want the phone to survive at least for 1 more year and I'm done with Asus forever.

  • I received my phone back today after submitting for Motherboard replacement.

    The two issues I faced are Wifi was not working and second being battery lasted for about 3 hours.

    They did not replace the battery however they replaced the Motherboard, I suppose I will contact them again after testing the battery life.

  • If I'm not mistaken, a battery calibration can easily fix your issue; maybe the sc forgot to do it

  • Please do keep on posting for any bugs or repeat telecast of the wifi. I am using this as an evidence of proof to sue the company for providing defective faulty device sold and poor services provided.

  • I am not sure which country your from but i have used Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi phones before and when enquired about the change in parts - whether its a original or refurbished , they have provided the invoice for the same. If they denied like Samsung had done, I had filled an RTI( Right to Information Act) on them after which the service centre was compelled to reveal it and caught for replacing from other refurbished dead phones.

    Moreover almost all other brands do have atleast 6month of warranty on the motherboard replacement. Not sure why they didn't give you. Many users have also reported that the service centre have extended the warranty. So in your case why didn't happen i am not sure. It should be equal for all.

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    Email them on asus website and click contact and tell them you're complain on You're phone and tell them you want them to extend you're warranty. That's what I did and less than an hour they extended my warranty to another year.

  • Lodge a complaint on consumer forum . I already did it today. I can't replace motherboard after warranty because of its price expensive arround 38k

  • Whats the procedure for lodging complain to Consumer Forum?

  • You have a toll free number wherein you can call them. They will then instruct you on to how to go ahead with the complaint.

    Can you share your experience on to how the service was done and problems you are facing after the replacement done.

  • Hi ReaperZ_Wolf,

    Please check your personal inbox message and help me with the details.

  • Submitted for arround 6 times in Service centre

    First time for Wifi Hotspot issue after just 2 months of buying.

    2nd time is for charging problem, after just 1 month of 1st main board replacement.

    3rd time is for network issue/performance issue also random restart, according to SVC engineer checked thoroughly but found everything okay, but after picked up the unit I found that still random restart happened.

    4th time is for random restart again, checked this time found everything okay in this unit.. still found random restart happened..

    5/6th time for checking again found everything okay..

    Everytime they found everything okay, I noticed that random restart happens specially when device is in idle mode(ex- Device left on table for long time)

    Overnight battery drops about 14-15%, it's absolutely abnormal in my opinion.

    Last but not the least as before I mentioned random restart happens, this time restart not happened phone was off by its own 😂 😂 happened arround 2 times for me till date. My AOD is in for 7AM to 23.00PM, so I found that my device is not showing the AOD then I found that the device is off, need to press power key to start the phone.. GHOST phone I must say 😅😂

    After every random restart & ghost off I noticed that a small gape in battery graph which you can see in the attachment..

    Mailed them call them several time for refund first but they don't have that refund policy so I tried for unit replacement but they don't give that to me also, opened this shitty unit for arround 4 times in just 7 months of buying, so in my opinion is this unit is faulty but they don't give replacement.

    Yesterday I got a call from ACIN team that I need to go to SVC again 😂😂😂😂

    & Call him he will take care after that, don't know what they are up to this time, I just need my replacement cause after warranty they will charge me for anything why would I pay for their fault? This device comes with manufacturing defect so they need to give me my Replacement hope they will do that this time...

    You can find everything in this forum about my issues...

  • I forgot to mention something that they changed my mother board twice for wifi/Hotspot & charging issue which I faced 1St & 2Nd time respectively.

    Changed my main board twice in just for 5 months of buying still they don't give me my valid replacement, they looted me.

  • Same issue here .4 time job sheets in service again the problem not resolved.if a bought a phone from you for service center again and again. Worst service forever .Refund to customer is only for correct way.If they not do stress act for case on Asus

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