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  • Exactly the same . I tell you, something very fishy is going in the underbelly

  • Just the way corporations work I suppose; I'd probably do the same thing if I were a front desker, customers can be real netherholes sometimes. No matter, we'll see what's their official take on the matter and go from there.

    Personally I believe its a software related issue, as during the 15 seconds that the sound came back on one time, the speakers were still excellent sounding. Probably able to be fixed with a software update but based on ASUS's track record that could take anywhere from today to the next 8 months lol.

  • I don´t even have an asus center nearby lol, good luck with this issue, i´ll have to wait for an update that fix this or something like that.

  • Update: Got back my phone just now. Front desk told me it was a motherboard issue, so they went ahead and replaced it. The speakers themselves were attached as part of the MB. Sound's back and working exceptionally fine now, no surprises there considering the guts are all new haha.

    Can see very slight marks on where they opened up the phone, but overall an exceptional job. Hopefully none of this nonsense repeats itself again.

  • rStarrStar Level 2


    They replaced the motherboard and its working fine.

    There's slight Mark where they opened..

    atleast phone is working fine but heating up crazily. cpu throttle makes gaming experience laggy & awful.

  • GG, maybe they forgot the thermal paste or something, better get that checked out before your warranty ends.

    On another note, the Hey Google function stopped working a long while back, thought it was a software issue, plus i don't use it that often, so I paid no mind to it; but now with the new MB, it's working alright again. So word of advice to anyone reading, watch out for any telltale signs that something is wrong and get it checked out whilst the warranty is still on.

  • Same after Board replacement, games are choppy, FPS drops constantly, if i play on 90 FPS it never stay at 90 always 85/88/87, don't know why

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Did you reset your phone?

    I haven't. when last time i did, nothing improved. Fw update info was wiped too.

    Games are choppy because before last update cpu speed was around 2.27 ghz more often on game tuning level 2.

    Now it drops to 1.42 ghz even when Phone temp is < 40°.

  • I Play on Dynamic mode! Never used game tuning or hardcore gaming... Yes reset also done.... Hope they will fix in next update.

    Sometimes random restart happens specially when device is in idle mode.

    Lots of problems my friend.

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Never ending problems. I also noticed random restart few times.

    I've lost my trust in this brand.

    This phone has disappointed me more than anything.

    My 3 year old Honor play still works fine for daily use.

    Performance has been dropped drastically. What's the use of 90fps? Its 40-70fps in real time.

  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    Sad to say both of you're speaker are dead I also have that problem with my rog 5 after using it for 5 month.... All of the sudden both speaker died on me the only fix is to connect it to Bluetooth speaker or earphones. I went to my nearest asus service center and waited for 15 working days,they replaced my mother board and speaker.... That's the only way to fix it but after 4 month of repair the mother board died all of sudden while playing muse dash, that I can't even power on the phone.... What really disappoint me we pay a premium phone and this what we get....I ask asus to extend my warranty cuz less than a year I already went two time on the service center.. fortunely asus extended my warranty for another year just contact them and ask them you want to extend your rog 5 for assurance... because I feel like in the upcoming system update they will screw something else .right now on the latest update .210 the cpu won't turbo boost at 2.8 ghz it will lock at 1.08 when it reach around 45c of temp when playing demanding games like genshin impact

  • I stopped believing in it, for miracles, I watch the movies, it does not happen in real life on the planet ASUS

    Version WW-18.0840.2104.49 2021/06/07 

    1) Perte de Data aléatoire en 4G+, 4G

    Bug Majeur

    Version WW-18.0840.2104.56 2021/06/22

    2) New: Qualité Audio Cassée

    Version EU-18.0840.2104.57 2021/07/06 

    3) Restitution de la qualité audio

    Version WW-18.0840.2106.86 2021/07/22 

    4) RAS - Bug N°1 toujours là, analyse en cours par moi-même

    Version WW-18.0840.2107.151 2021/08/24 

    5) New : Problème majeur de charge de la batterie avec des chargeurs non Asus - Diagnostic en cours

    5') New : com.qti.slaservice ne répond plus

    Version WW-18.0840.2109.176 2021/09/30 

    6) RAS - Bug 1, 5 et 5' non corrigé

    Version WW-18.0840.2109.188 2021/11/05 

    7) RAS - Bug 1, 5 et 5' non corrigé

    Version WW-18.0840.2111.196 2021/11/23 

    8) Bug 1, 5 et 5' non corrigé

    Diagnostic N°1 : Aléatoirement le téléphone ne revient pas en 5G, 4G+ ou 4G quand il a perdu un peu de signal et est redescendu de 5G en 4G, 4G+ en 4G..

    +5 Mobiles testés, 3 opérateurs, 4 Mois

    Rog 5 - Plusieurs fois par jour avec tous les opérateurs (, Orange, Bouygue)

    Moto G5+S, Moto G7S+ Samsung S10 5G, S20 Jamais eu le cas 

    Moto S100 et Samsung S21 Jamais eu le cas (en 1 mois)

    Diagnostic N°5 : Tous les chargeurs sont concernés quand le dialogue s'établi en mode PD - PPS

    Contournement, utiliser le chargeur Asus ou des chargeurs sans protocole PD/PPS

    Version WW-18.0840.2111.200 2021/12/02 

    9) New : La supperposition d'application n'est plus possible quand l'application principale ou le Jeux est lancé avec Armoury Create, impossible donc d'utiliser le contournement de charge (réidibitoire) ou les profils

    Bug Majeur

    Version WW-18.0840.2112.210 2021/12/27 

    10 New Cpu Bridé : Bug 1, 5, 5' et 9 non corrigé

    Mode avion Off/On ou Disable/Enable SIM pour le Bug1 - Sans correction en 9 Firmware / 7 mois de Avion OFF-ON

    Toujours avoir le Chargeur ASUS avec soi pour le Bug5 - Sans correction en 5 Firmware / 6 mois

    Pas de Solution de contournement possible pour le Bug 9, ROG 5 n'est plus utilisable pour moi depuis 3 mois

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