Armoury crate - app won't run

popekforwhatpopekforwhat Level 1
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I guess that's a pretty common problem to which i haven't found any solution yet. Armoury crate on my PC just doesn't want to run anyway. Yeah, i don't have an Asus motherboard - it's actually Gigabyte B460 HD3, but i guess that shouldn't change anything: official website says it would work even if you don't have a supported motherboard. So, i've got ROG Gladius III (mouse) and ROG Strix Scope RX (keyboard) and yes, i can switch colours manually but i kinda want to personalise it a little bit. Yeah, a funny thing, OpenRGB does not support them. Like I'm stuck in never ending circle of rainbow and rainbow (which is faster) modes. Please, help me, i can't find any solutions.



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