New Update .115



  • No improvement on battery at all !!!

  • So far with .115 first gpay payment passed. But Google play certificate is gone (clearing memory and cache doesn't work). If it is not back till Monday I think I will return the device.

    I was not planning to upgrade to .115 but notifications were so annoying that I gave up... Make upgrades optional !!!

  • Rippp. And camera/video performance in low light for 3rd party apps is still laughably bad. They lower the fps to allow more light to go into the camera for brighter pictures and videos, but the result video looks like it was shot in 15 fps.

  • I also installed .115 and have absolutely no issue with gpay.

    Everything works perfectly.

  • Google play certificate is back. Hallelujah...

  • Is anyone still experiencing issues with Google Pay?

  • I have made payment 1 hour after .115 upgrade and it worked. Ufff.

  • Hi Asus,

    Regarding battery or heat I don't perceive any improvement.

    Regarding using audio jack during calls with wired headphones, all problems remain I'm afraid:

    - phone will shutdown during calls, randomly

    - volume will go up to dangerous levels, randomly

    - volume during calls has only 5 steps, it is either too loud or too low (and you can't mute it, the lower steps is not 0 volume - this is with or without headphones)

    These make using the audio jack for calls quite difficult, is a serious issue I'm afraid.

    No perceived improvement to high brightness mode, it would be much better to be able to switch on/off manually.

    Don't get down because of complainers like me, our comments are constructive feedback. This product has a very nice set of features and is what many people was looking for, and we just need those major, great features to work properly.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Glad to hear Google Pay seems to be working again for everyone.

    This indeed seems to have been a Google CTS sync delay issue from Google's side that has thankfully since been resolved.

  • Nice, Now please solve energy consumption in idle mode.... 2% per 1 hour is terrible.

  • DebikDebik Level 1
    edited September 2021

    Hey, the latest update was provided by a bug. On my Zenfone 7 I got an issue with gestures. When I swipe up/left/right on the bottom edge, it requests to do that again(like in games etc.), but accidentally after an update I need to do the swipes twice in every app, and on home screen. Nobody has the same bug(

    Region - Russia

    Example - photo (text in bottom - "swipe again to activate")

    Nothing helps, i dont want to reset my passwords, apps etc.

    Please help!


  • I want to downgrade to last version which had 3 buttons in reset settings, including sth like "reset apps", that helped me last time but now i dont know what to do

  • Have you checked details of power consumption? In idle mode I have minor battery consumption. Maybe some apps are draining battery.

    In my case idle power consumption is lower than on OnePlus 7.

  • Really? In my case, the highest power consumption is "in idle" mode. Could you describe your detailed setup? All details.... thank you

  • First on every new phone (if possible) I disable apps autostart if i use them occasionally, background data , enable adaptive battery etc. Nothing magic. And I don't have Facebook, Instagram And other trash like that.

    Also with bad signal reception power consumption will be higher - indicator of gsm signal on status bar afaik does not show actual signal but logging channel.

  • @Debik this is the "game genie" or whatever. Happened to me when I was gaming and drained my battery, then I had this until I started a game (or game genie) and closed it properly.

  • i hope this update will be good

  • It looks to me like mobile network standby drain is fixed now. However it would be nice if Android OS, Android System and Phone idle get some optimisations if possible

  • I have tried all the optimizations according to your advice. Default mode is durable (22:00 - 5:00 extra durable) In idle mode consumed 7,7% for 9 hours :-( 

  • I localized the main problem with energy consumption. It is 4G net. I have switched to 2G/3G networks only and the power consumption has reduced significantly.

    Default mode is durable (22:00 - 5:00 extra durable) In idle mode consumed 2,5% for 9 hours.

    Unfortunately I have last oportunity return phone and get money back today. So, I will return it back - I hope that the new update solve this issue.

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