Problem with payment apps using NFC and bluetooth

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  1. Model Name: Asus ROG Phone 5 16/256GB 5G
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2104.49
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Since getting the phone
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): K-Plussa-mobiilikortti (com.plussa.plussacard) 1.2.0, MobilePay (fi.danskebank.mobilepay) 5.5.0

I have accustomed to using my phone for many differend things, which does also mean stores own customer loyalty cards and payment apps outside just Google Pay. However since switching to ROG Phone 5 from OnePlus 7 Pro, these two apps just have completely stopped working for me. K-Plussa does absolutely nothing at the store (NFC app) even though Google Pay works fine. MobilePay will see the register at the store (Bluetooth) but will never get the payment info from the register.

I have been in customer service contact with both and it seems like this shouldn't be an issue with the Android directly, so what the heck is going on with ROG phone specifically? Also it appears these phones are bit rare in here, so couldn't find anyone else with same problems that I have.

Tried to clearing cache, giving all permissions, reinstalling, checking I have NFC and bluetooth on when in use, rebooting and adding to battery optimization exclusion. Nothing is helping.


  • I haven't tried "Mobile Pay", but I'll let you know if I have the same problem

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    It is currently Finland only service which works on S-ryhmä and Kesko stores or by phone number with smaller stores and individuals (sending money trough phone number works fine as that does not utilize bluetooth), hence why troubleshooting is extremely hard when it doesn't seem to benot problem with operating system, apps nor the stores, so it's either software or hardware of the ROG phone 5 in most likelyhood not playing along with cash registers.

    Is there some additional NFC/Bluetooth settings I might be missing for example?

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    I have similar issues. NFC Contactless payments don't work with the Swedbank app in Lithuania. Haven't tried GPay yet. Everything seems to look ok on the software side, but touching the phone to the terminal does nothing even with the bank app turned on and primed for payment. The NFC receiver does work in some cases as I've tested it out by successfully reading the information from my passport.

  • Well, Asus support was just writing me in bad translations instructions how to use Google Pay.

    Asked one local forum and it appears that people have exact same issues with Zenfone 6 and 7, so it appears to be a problem either with software or hardware that Asus does in general.

    So if you want to actually use your phone for things, never get Asus.

  • FYI the NFC works as intended to. I use Google Pay and all my cards are linked to it. It works fine with all EDC machines that have NFC capabilities.

  • Its a problem with the app probably or might be it doesn't support in the phone. Try Google Pay if you can.

  • I am using Google Pay and that works, that's also the reason why Asus doesn't want to help at all, even if people are slowly focusing the problem to be on them.

    Because Google Pay is just one of many payment applications, if I was using rival bank, they have their own payment app completely so I couldn't even use Google Pay, so solution of "just use the app I use" is ridiculous.

    It might be a problem with the app, but considering how I have never had any issues with other manufacturers and neither are other people outside those who are using Zenfones, I'm starting to believe it's problem with Asus unless I'm proven othervice.

    I'm guessing because Google Pay is installed as system app, it can bypass basically whatever asus has put in, which would explain why it works and others won't.

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