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Anyone who has purchased their Rog 3 from Flipkart India, request you to check your invoice bill for the Serial Number/ IMEI Number is mentioned or not. If not then the warranty is not valid for your phone. I faced this issue as it was not mentioned and now getting thia problem resolved which is hectic.

Check you Invoice and if its not mentioned then i have a wonderful solution.


  • Hi,

    Please do not spread any rumors here. All the ASUS phones sold via Flipkart come with a warranty. If you have any specific issues please let me know. Thanks.

  • No. You completely got it wrong. There was a issue from seller side that he didn't mention the serial number and the imei number. So when i went to the service centre they didn't fix the problem related to my charging cable. Now i reported this incident to Flipkart and they were kind enough to refund me back the entire money with which i got the latest Rog 5. Same amount what i spent on Rog 3.

    So I am just enlightening our fellow members that if such issue is there, they can talk to Flipkart and get a replacement/refund. And am sure everyone will accept that a service for a phone is invalid as per law until the serial number and imei number is mentioned on the invoice copy!


  • You can sée that i have also shared a feedback on how kind and generous your team was during this pandemic that they went a step ahead and were helping me out on the accessories which went out of warranty after 6 months.

    Am very sorry if you haven't understood my part of experience which has been superb all thanks to a wonderful team of Asus.

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    you flipped faster than Rog3 charging time. 😂😂😂

  • I faced a lot of problem in my case. So wanted to share my experience and if someone does face issue like this or does already have one, i just wanted to help them out.

    Both Flipkart and Asus did a wonderful job in refunding back my entire money after 7 months of usage and now for gods grace i could buy the Rog 5 with the same money.

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