If you're concerned about VoLTE and carrier support...

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If you're one of the many people in this forum who has a problem with the ROG Phone not having access to VoLTE or 5G or certain network issues due to lack of compatibility or support with your carrier then please vote in this link:

We need to let ASUS know that full carrier compatibility and support should be expedited and prioritized.

Be sure to also comment in that thread what carrier you have and what issues or concerns you have.


  • MachitoMachito Level 1

    My carrier O2 Czech Republic just got official VoLTE and VoWiFi support after latest OTA update on my ROG Phone 5. 5G also works for me in my country. So I hope that ASUS is working on this and support in other countries should be added soon.

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    Good on you that ASUS fully supports your carrier! If you can, I'd appreciate if your could vote and post on this link as well.

    To be honest, I have some doubts that developers even bother reading this part of the forums and I doubt that the moderators here actually bother relaying the VoLTE concerns to the actual developers. If they did then official VoLTE support would have been expedited. Even companies like Razer, who don't even sell phones anymore, were able to include official VoLTE support in their phones years ago despite being a much smaller company than ASUS.

    However, since there is a section in the forums where they are asking for software suggestions then it's likely that we can get our voices heard there instead of here in the actual ROG Phone 5 section.

  • Completely agree. Asus don't care and don't bother. The stupid excuse they give is "we have to contact each carrier to have volte enabled"...

    Right, so the first Rog phone came out roughly 4 years ago. Within those 4 years, Asus have accomplished nothing but pure rubbish. Even in the UK, NO network provider has volte. What on earth have they done in 4 years apart from drag this issue on and on and on?

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    Not to excuse that we could have had more countries ready by launch but every new model needs approval by the carrier to add VoLTE support. We're already discussing with many carriers in the countries we're selling and hopefully your carrier will be added too. The only thing we can improve in the future, is our relationship with the carriers to make the process smoother and fast enough to be ready at launch.

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