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I use an app , accubattery,, and normally I wouldn't put much into the results eg when I charge my battery to 100% from say 15% and check what the app says about the health of my battery it says 92% or there abouts it has done this from the word go . Ok it's just an app and probably not very accurate but I recently purchased my wife a Nokia g 10 and when I check the battery with the same app it says 101% ( it has a 5050 mAh Battery capacity) but the app says it's capacity or at least the amount of charge I just put into it is 5118 mAh.

My zenfone 7 has a 5000 mAh Battery and when I check the app after charging to 100% it says it's capacity is roughly 4600 mAh or 92% . I purchased it as soon as it hit the market, the box was sealed so no one could have used or tampered with it .

Is it in fact correct and is the batteries capacity less than the advertised 5000 mAh ?

I am curious what other people think???



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    This is because you bought your Nokia X20 recently and its new, while you are using your Zenfone 7 since 5 months now. Use your nokia X20 for 5 months and you will notice that there is not any diffrence in accubattery calculations you will just see 1% more health i. E. 93% with Nokia X20 depending upon its capacity while comparing zenfone 7 what it shows now (92%). So this is Normal. And also battery degradation depends on you daily usage pattern

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    No day dot means from the day I purchased the phone I am not an idiot.

    I have had the accubattery app for years and installed it the day I set my zenfone 7 up and the results are as posted so please give me a break

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    I've been using AccuBattery since day dot in October. I can't remember the health percentage since new but it was never 100%. It's now at 86%. The highest capacity (green dot) recorded was around 4900mAH. I rarely charge to 100% only 80%. And I try to charge from 40% but lately I've been letting it drop down as I don't leave it charging while I sleep anymore even with the scheduled charging.

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    Well your doing better than my phone,my best ( highest green dot ) is only 4600 but usually just under 4600 mAh.

    I never put much into it until I got the new Nokia for my wife and the app says it has more capicty than Nokia stats which I believe are correct because her battery seems to last forever . 4 days from one charge on a 5050 mAh Battery Long. I hate charging my phones so naturally I am envious. It's a pity Nokia don't make such high end phones or I would swap in a heartbeat . They are great phones but just not quick enough

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    Yeah but now it's 86% with an estimated capacity of 4284mAh

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    How long does it actually last for though,I mean UNO how many days of , normal, use do you get from one full charge

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    I charge every day. But if it was from 100%-0% it should have at least 6 hours of SOT.

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    Yes you would think. All the Asus phones I have had have been average at best when it comes down to battery. The only problem is you can't really get a phone this size with similar specs that does better than that

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    I have no problem with the battery. holds both at the beginning. It holds nicely. I don't try programs. If I had a problem, maybe.

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    My result after one month.

    I've started test when phone turned off at 2%, test ended when current become 0.00A, phone was turned off, regular 5V 2A charger without any type of fast charging.

    AccuBattery show me something like 4700, don't remember, I deinstalled it

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    I'm yet to see one that actually says 5000 mAh . I don't believe that the batteries capacity is actually 5000 mAh

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    Looks like you are using a multimeter you can't argue with that. Am I reading it correctly does it say 4671 mAh?

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    Yep, I have WITRN U2, it shows 4671 mAh for my ZF7 pro and my phone is not old (this is special note for Amit), it was manufactured in November, I bought it in March and tested in April

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    I thought as much so not 5000 mAh more like 4600 or something like that ok thanks for your confirmation

  • The actual battery capacity is 4830 mAh. If you search for ZF7 disassembly video you will see the battery. It is written on it 5000 typical, 4830 rated . So I think the actual capacity is 4830 mAh....still not bad but not 5000...

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    Is it just me or someone else noticed also that phone lives longer on battery with the last update (April patches)?

    Maybe it is due to volte support, I am not sure.

  • Hello topolov, I have noticed that since updating the adaptive brightest and the location is Off by default,or so it seems, so that may be a reason why your battery is lasting longer. They are the only two I have noticed so far but I am sure other settings have changed as well.

    I turn both on again when I start work 5.30/6.00am so my battery is much the same but this weekend I am taking 4 days of so I will see if there is a different if I don't turn them on

  • The location and adaptive battery are not being set by an update. Them remain in the state they were before the it means them were off (most probably you have set them soo)

    For me after the update seems the same as before...

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    No I am sure that they were always on , I use my phone every morning to set my run up ( Google maps) and I have never had to turn it on before the updates. Same for adaptive brightest.

    Maybe I am doing something different but I can't think what?

    I just tried then and simply turning onto flight mode doesn't turn them off but leaving it on flight mode all night so I need to put in my pin code to access the phone again does turn them off, for me at least

  • 6am and I just checked after the phone was on flight mode all night long and location and adaptive brightest are both off

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