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Hi how do I activate VOLTE on my Rog 5?

I'm using the tencent edition with ww firmware. Currently on the EE network in the UK. I've activated the 4G calling service in settings but nothing is happening. Whenever I make a call it drops back to 3G 🤔 . Tried restarting the device, tried removing and putting SIM back in, nothing seems to work. There's no icon on the status bar for volte either.any help would be great



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    Same here for me..😔

  • KiLLeR_DKiLLeR_D Level 1

    How can VoWifi and VoLTE still not be a standard delivery on release... in 2021..

  • I know right :( I've read XDA forums in USA and theirs seems to be working fine. ASUS any help???

  • Asus are you going to address this issue ?

  • No volte activate button.. very typical for asus flagship phone

  • Every carrier need to approve VoLTE on every model. To offer a switch for unsupported VoLTE is not considered an option as there will be too many network issues. The user will never guess it's because the unsupported VoLTE is enabled unless they encounter these issues right after enabling it.

    UK doesn't have VoLTE support today but you're welcome to contact your local ASUS office an forward your complaint. I don't know if they're already talking to EE. Maybe they are...

  • But the question is why you would promote volte without speaking to the carriers beforehand? Why would you deceive customers about a feature which doesn't work? Doesn't make sense to promote a feature and then ask the customer to go and enquire about it ? Do you even know what you're typing, you sound ridiculous

  • Can you share or reveal any official Asus sources where you are claiming that they are promoting it?

  • Just look at the specs 🤔 and look at the history of the other rog phones. Volte is always screwed and asus just send updates to fix it which hardly happens. You'd expect volte to work out of the box. After all, it's not a experimental or new feature. It's just asus being lazy and not speaking to carriers

    All asus had to say was "volte is on the device but we haven't spoke to most of the carriers rk actually have it working" rather than sell us the lie of it working out of the box

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