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  • I have T Mobile and it used n2500 5G. I have all of the 5G settings turned on at the menu in the ROG 5 but it will not do 5G no matter what. Is this a software glitch like the update that caused this problem to stop on the ROG 3? I only get 4G LTE, 3g, 4G +. Any ideas on how to correct this? Is this issue similar to the Google phone where between the phone and the eNodeB, the phone doesn’t send in the UE CAP INFO that it can do 5g, thus the network doesn’t give you the info to access the 5g network and the phone stays in 4g?

  • The Game Genie in RoG5 doesn't have the "live" button for streaming. Will this be updated? Thanks!

  • Having the same problem 5g not working. In rog 3 it was working not on my rog 5 global edition.

  • I have a rog phone 5 tencent that has switched the code to ww and up the room ww now I want to go back to the original room, can people guide me?

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    I'm actually curious if the moderators here still read the comments or if they relay any positive and negative feedback to the development team.

    The ROG Phone 5 is near perfect especially as an entertainment device but misses the mark when it comes to actual phone functionalities. The device was in my radar as my dream phone because of the 3.5mm headphone jack and front facing stereo speakers but I'm seeing complaints about phone functionality like VoLTE and 5G not working.

    It would be great if moderators can communicate with the developers and be transparent with some of the network issues and shortcomings that the ROG Phone 5 has.

  • Thermal throttling, 60c ambient, bugged software causing all sorts of weird behaviour such as massive battery drain on idle, headphone not working as intended etc., no VoLTE, ViLTE, one of the most fragile phones in 2021, very bad camera setup for the pricerange, no wireless charging, to name a few issues. I wouldnt call it near perfect, while it does have some good points, there certainly are a ton of flaws as well. Currently especially durability is a concern of the rog5. Considering that 2g/3g networks are switching of in many areas, not having VoLTE and ViLTE is a rather big problem.

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    Asus has always been slow to add carrier support worldwide for stuff like volte

    Check before buying if your local carrier is supported if not it's just luck if they'll add it in future

    Asus launches a ton of different versions I saw like 6 or 7 this year all with different band supports check em out on their site

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    I got a invite to join BETA for Rog Phone 5, Is it Android 12?

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    Not so fast lol

    Android 12 is still in developer preview stage

    I think they're recruiting testers early on so whenever they do a beta program they don't have to deal with the recruiting hassle again

    Or maybe Asus might push some builds earlier to the beta testers before stable

    * Second point just a possibility

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    Its rog my friend its rog , i think its enough to understand updates related stuff😂

    Its not a mid range device who get timely update , they make you wait and desperate so that when updates arrives , you dont ask for another for a long time 😂

  • Nope but i think its beta program for regular updates on ROG 5. You can understand ROG series is a combination of whole eco-system with lots of other accessories which needs more stable compatability. & that requires lot of internal testing before final build. so this may be a move from Asus in order to improve the speed of updates on ROG series with faster testing and bug fixes.

    Note :- more the testing is then it is much easier and faster to make device as stable as it can.. 😉

    Enjoy your beta testing if you are registered. 😊

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    Well, it sounds perfect on paper at least.

    Bending is honestly not a problem if you put a case on it like what JerryRigEverything said in the description of his ROG Phone 5 teardown video. (I could care less about this as a Nexus 6P owner)

    I also don't mind the bad camera because it's not necessarily what I would pay for in a gaming phone. If I want a good camera, I would go for a different phone. I'd rather ASUS allocate resources on other features that enhance my entertainment experience.

    Wireless charging would be a cool feature to go along with the ROG Throne Qi and would look nice in a good battlestation but I don't mind not having one if it can drive the price down.

    The headphone not working as intended and other software problems is regrettable though... It's sad if what makes the ROG Phone 5 great isn't properly working.

    The biggest problem where I agree with you is the lack of proper network and carrier support because the ROG Phone 5 is first and foremost a phone. 5G NEEDS to work and VoLTE NEEDS to be enabled. ASUS NEEDS to work with more carriers so that more people can purchase the phone knowing that it's compatible with their network and have basic standards that ACTUAL PHONES have. I want to make sure that calls don't drop and that I have good coverage when I'm travelling around. It's 2021 and phone standards have evolved, ASUS needs to catch up.

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    Ok I got a clue .. settings - accessibility - vibration - touch set to OFF and it's gone for now. I think it's software bug !!! 

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    Can somebody point me to where I can buy a lightng armor case for rog 5? I have been looking everywhere.

  • jutleysjutleys Level 1

    I am also trying to find it and want to know how it looks does it have the lights built into the case? or is it the free armour case you get with the phone which i have already anyone with the rog5 version pictures would be great thanks.

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    Hi, I bought the Rog 5 for gaming, specifically pubg. But ever since I bought the phone the pubg game has been lagging idk why. Whenever enemies pass or go around me the frame drops and is clearly visible. The 90 fps option isn't available either rn as the new update rolled out yesterday. I basically don't care that much about the 90 fps but about the frame drops of the phone. Having the latest processor and termed gaming phone, I expected it to atleast give 60 fps constant. Yet I am stuck with huge frame drops in competitive custom rooms which is really frustrating. Comparing this to OnePlus 7t which is 3 generations behind, the pubg doesn't lag in it my friends confirmed. So could you guys please do something about this. 90 fps can wait I just want smooth 60 fps gameplay 🥲.

  • I read somewhere that Oneplus has a tie ups with Tencent PUBG mobile and so you will not see more comaptibility problems with Oneplus. As lot of testing is alredy done on those devices from Game developers side also yes 90FPS is alredy in talks for ROG 5 for PUBG mobile. Remember Other brands have huge huge resources to invest on comparing with ASUS and so it is bit of a diffrence in compatability but let me tell you i saw a youtuber who was comparimg ROG 5 & Oneplus 9 pro side by side and let me tell you there was just a minute 1-2 FPS diffrence in both so nothing here to worry about and who knows if enabeling 90FPS gets ROG5 to its full fledge.

    So stay tuned until supoort for 90FPS arrives, As it will be only pushed out after its stable testing. and boom all lagging and stuttry issues will vanish in game.

  • good evening, only happens to me that the right air trigger does not work properly when the phone is "cold"? as soon as it goes up to temperature, a couple of minutes, it works great.

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    Any clues on how to Livestream using RoG5?

    Game genie still doesn't have the "live" feature right?


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