Screen on time reduced significantly

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Mobile network standby still consuming a lot of battery.



  • Mobile network standby still consuming a kot of battery. Already read that and tried it too.

  • When did you first used your phone?

  • Huh? I am using it since the day i bought it. Earlier there was no problem but now its consuming a lot of battery.

  • I am also having battery life issue, but I am currently on EU Firmware v189. the standby battery life is very bad on this phone . disabling knock twice feature does not help for me too.

  • Afaik .191 is the latest firmware

    Try updating to that and see if it helps

  • .191 is not for EU. .189 is the latest firmware for EU models.

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    Please stop comparing SOT. It's totally irrelevant. Even when you compare against yourself, there might be changes in your usage behavior that you don't think about.

    There are so many factors to consider

    For example calls & music listening (especially with BT headphones) & apps that are constantly listening/pinging servers are not counted into SOT at all.

    Maybe you have a smartwatch or some other device that's constantly talking to your phone?

    People are using their phone so differently and no one writes a full report on how they're using it. They probably don't even remember themselves and this is why many focus so much on the battery usage numbers in Android. They only tell half of the truth if you don't know what's behind them. They're also just estimations.

    Do you mostly brows the internet and read E-books or do you prefer playing games? What kind of games? They differ a lot even if they look similar. Even Google maps uses a lot of power.

    Do you watch Youtube in FHD or SD?

    Do you prefer low brightness or do you always run above 75%?

    Are you always on mobile data or WiFi?

    Maybe you take a lot of pictures or videos, maybe even in 4K?

    This list on differences in user behavior can go on forever.

    The only real comparison you can do and I have said this before, is to use a real benchmark like PCMark and you also need to make sure you're comparing with the same brightness. Even the temperature in the room will make a difference if someone in a cold country is comparing to someone in a very warm country.

    So please, if you're going to compare. Do it the right way!

  • Listen Anders.

    I said mobile network standby is using a lot of battery.

    I am always connected to wifi

    No Bluetooth headphones

    I have mi band but i rarely connect it to my phone.

    My usage patterns have been the same since the very beginning.

    I am just telling 5000 mah battery should do wonders on a lcd panel in battery life department.

    Earlier mobile network standby didn't consume so much of battery.

    I just checked now and it has consumed 20 percent of my juice.

    And I think everyone is facing this issue.

    Its the duty of the customers to tell you what are the problems we are facing.

    And its you people who we trust and believe that you can help us.

    Also no need to be rude. Smh.

  • I know you mentioned network standby in your post but the thread name says "Screen on time reduced significantly"

    There is a reason why it looks like mobile network standby has consumed a lot. I can't go into why in detail but that number has nothing to do with reality. Let's for now just say it's a bug and it will be fixed but the most important thing is that the "drain" is not actually happening. It's just a number.

    It was not my intention to be rude and for that I'm sorry. My message was not aimed at you specifically but to all users who bring up SOT. I took this opportunity to explain why you shouldn't compare SOT (and there are many articles from various medias saying the same).

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    @swapnil03051999 I must however regardless of this bug say that 20% is a lot more than it should be unless your phone has been in standby for a very long time.

    Please post a screen shot of your battery usage chart where it also shows for how long your phone has been turned on.

    If you want, we can capture a log on your phone to find out why?

  • No need to be sorry. Totally coool. Until then you can check my last cycle.

    And by 'how long your phone has been turned on' do you mean screen on time?

    Although you guys are doing amazing job by replying to us. Thankyou. ?

  • I need to know how long your phone has been turned on since the last time you charged it? My guess, since you have so much Mobile network standby, is that you're above 2 days. I also believe that you don't game much on your phone. It's mostly messenger and youtube right?

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    Same here after last update

  • Nope it gives me 1 day. Gaming sometimes i do maybe 30 to 40 mins in a day that too on WiFi. Thats it.

  • Don't entirely trust those stats as long as you get good sot no need to worry

    As @Anders_ASUS stated above

    Those battery stats are just an aggregation of your actual usage which doesn't take some crucial factors into account

    Looking at them often will just make you more paranoid

    I know with 5000mah comes huge expectations and I hope the battery gets a bit more optimised on Android 10(some people on beta seem to have improved battery life so hopes up for that). But on the current firmware too it's top notch .

  • Bro earlier i used to get 10 hours of sot. Now its dropped to 7 hours. I am not making any thread without any knowledge. So yeah.

  • If you are indoors with poor Mobil reception and on wifi, you canput the phone on "airplane" mode and turn the WiFi on anyway.

    That will reduce the battery consumption by the radio, even in phones with no simcard.

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    As I have said before, the battery usage estimation in Android is never spot on with reality and this is particularly true with ZenFone 6. To be honest, it has flaws, we know about them and they will be fixed in Android Q. It's still not going to be perfect because it's not perfect on any phone but it will be a lot better.

    The best way to know if there's something wrong with your phones battery is to put it in flight mode when you go to bed without plugging in your charger. If you phone doesn't loose more than 1% of battery per hour of sleep, then there's nothing wrong. If it's more than that, then we can investigate why your battery drains faster than it should.

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