Any news on ROG 2 updates?



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    If I were to believe that then After 3 and half months since last update, and about year or half since original report, they yet didn't address bluetooth voip call mic issues and vowifi.

    And now we have to wait another 2-3months?🤦‍♂️Its nail in the coffin now.

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    May be they have addressed & not mentioned happens many times...

    Lets wait & see first if this update is real for ROG 2😂

  • After reading your foolish comments now I confirmed that you know nothing. For your kind information if you buy a phone or any electronic products and want to cover the warranty the first thing you do is register your product to the company website and I already did it on the first day of my purchase. If the service centre have checked for my registered IMEI, then they don't have to ask for a bill as the same thing done by Apple care that is why they didn't ask for purchase bill.

  • Changing the language does not proof anything about ownership. Lol 😆

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    Maybe India is different then for when you proof your warranty. Basically what you are saying I can walk in to a service centre with your device and have it warranty repaired without have to proof I own the device. Sounds flawed to me?

    Yes you are right, changing language doesn't proof you own the device or proof warranty, you are probably the only guy there who had that phone with that language set, whereas everyone their language has Simpliflied Chinese. Like I said, try it again, you wpuld be complaining to the world how bad Apple was.

    // Edit: Please keep this thread on topic.

  • Seriously! brother, I think you had a very bad experience with Apple. Also, I don't wanna stretch this discussion further. So we should continue with our own experiences.

    And for everyone else here, I don't have any complaints about my device it's running much better than other Androids. My only concern is about the service nothing more.

    Thank you

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    So what's the problem in someone else bringing the "eligible" phone for repair?

    Warranty is provided for product not to a person right?

    And fact that if it's already registered by user, then it nullifies the argument of "being black marketed" or etc.

    If owner is to be verified, to check if device is stolen, then service guys should ask for Identity proof and cross check that with warranty registration details.(where you entered the email and phone number or other details).

    Or simply push an OTP to registered email/phone and confirm that at the repair.

    Don't most of the insurances work that way?

    Also anyone with invoice can walk in and get mother board Changed, changing IMEI and SN. So identify proof + Warranty registration is important not purchase receipt.

    You don't need invoice if warranty is registered, its redundant in proving what's already proved.


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    There isn't a problem, but the comapny has the right to ask you and is infact stated how you should bring in the device for warranty repairs:

    The other thing, the repair was not because poor workmanship as Yogendra stated in his/her issue.

    By the way, it does say bring in your invoice, if you read it.

  • This is recent ROG 2 update coming very soon. There may be chances of some change in changelog but this is it finally.

    @ImShrey @Yogendra @ronald1985


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    😁 Nice

    Unfortunately, some people won't be happy about it but there you have it.

  • Nice, but I switched back to Samsung (S20 FE), and now I am with Android 11 and February security patch. Next time, Asus team, lear With Samsung to have more respect with your consumers.

  • Asus Zenfone 6 (2019) is on A11 and March security patch too

    Zenfone 5z is on Jan (A10 though)

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    I'm sorry to say this but samsung release a bucket load of devices each year so comparison of asus' software update strategy at this point is useless as they release atmost 4 devices annually.

    But the difference is even 2 years old samsung device are running Feb security patch and got all month patch but Asus' a year old devices are running December patch with huge jumps in between.

    They are not even in the same league. Asus software update strategy remindes me of Samsung when they released s6.

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    It all depends on resources each brand has to invest in its particular department samsung is a huge competator who can throw so much of resources to make anything happen but comparing ASUS as a tier less this support is not bad at all they are trying there best to make everyone happy with whatever resource they have in every department.!

    This is surely gonna be improved with time more sales, more resources & hence better support..

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    Samsung was slow and only offered upto 2 android os versions upto 2020

    Only S10 and above will get 3 android versions (S9 was excluded and it was an very popular device)

    And remember samsung ships millions of phones, way more than what Asus does I'd even say that Samsung's worst selling phone probably sold more than Asus's best selling device

    So there's that samsung has always been an big player in the android market and even they decided to improve support from S10 onwards

    Btw my Zenfone 5z got android 10 faster than Samsung's S9 (both are 2018 devices)

    Asus can't match samsung in overall support right now hence they offer a unique combination of hardware and software that it to your liking one can see that in Rog and Zenfone flagships they are devices offering stuff which other's aren't with an stockish skin and pro developer support by Asus (roms and gcam)

    So yes that's about it

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    Hopefully one day Asus turns a new leaf and offers better support by that's yet to be seen

    Anyways a lot of Asus devices got updated this week Zenfone 6 and Rog 3 (A11 beta) got updates on Monday and Rog 3,Rog 2, Zenfone 5z and Zenfone 7 (A11 stable for TW) got updates today

  • That is right, Samsung is a huge competitor. But they have many more devices than ASUS (maybe 20 or 30 times more? not sure), and their 1000 USD price tag phones get proper support and at least 2 big android updates, unlike ROG Phone. Even their low and mid-range phones are way better than ROG 2 in terms of software update. So what you say is just an excuse, nothing more than that.

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    Hold onto your pants everyone, update is here:

  • Oh yeah. This was probably the last update for ROG 2. It didn't get Android 11, hell even zenui 7.

    Good job ASUS 👏

  • Its pretty obvious as i explained earlier more sales will generate more resources and more resources will lead for better support.

    Samsung mid range phones are sold 4-5 times more than ASUS flagships and hence they can easily manage amount of required resources for those models in that exact department where its needed. This is understandable.

    This is not an excuse but a fact to be understood.!

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