Any news on ROG 2 updates?

This is a plead now. Any communication about updates would be great mods.

I understand you can't obtain direct comfirmation but I would be reassured even if the chances of software support ended now rather than having us hanging on for a small one.

There has been no commication about delays or anything and ROG 2's "2 year" support ends in less than 3 months.

I really am begging you for something. I spent £880 on this phone yet I now have begun slowly moving back to my old Sony Xperia XZ premium because of the lack of software support and features.



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    Almost every other model apart from 6z & ROG 5 have not been updated since more than 2 months now. And let me assure you that support has not been ended on ROG 2 its just that delayed so i have gone through many ROG 2 threads and according to Mods update will be released when it is ready so basically they are still working. And if you are bothering about monthly security patches let me tell you that ASUS doesnt release updates having changelogs of only security patches but they try to manage bug fixes & security patches at a time in a single update this has been there update policy till date. yes this time wait is bit longer. But Also i assume this delay was only because of ROG 5 launch, chinese new year & Also beta testings with ROG 3/Zenfone 7 whose beta/stable releases are starting soon so now I guess ROG 2 upcoming FOTA may not be too far away as well.

    Even ROG 3 started to get its Android 11 beta mails from today so basically other models will follow slowly inline with whatever the required releases are. ( not sure if ROG 2 will get Android 11 or not but bug fixes & security patches are on its way.


  • Fyi last rog update was delayed too, slated for Nov as per policy. Dropped in Dec. Also one of the changelog item, said, whatsapp/bluetooth calling issue is fixed. But to this date it isn't.

  • Sometimes few bugs are really very hard to be rectified and so those may take time to get a fix with numerous testings its not that easy to release it on promised timeline yes this is unfair for users but any OEM sees to it that version should be as stable as it can be ROG Series is definetly a complicated gaming hardware comaparing any other OEM or flagships out there and it had lot of other aspects to be considered for any firmware with its external mods support this gets really hard sometimes & also its really very timetaking as i said above fews bugs are hard to be rectified and get fixed.

    What i think is last update which you recieved in month of dec instead of nov is not a big issue but you should also see what changelog have included in those updates

    I see that there are lots of Additions like volte, kunai gamepad support etc. Let me tell you getting full support from carrier may also take time while adding volte or vowifi so i say few things should be acceptable if those are not on time.

    About your whatsapp & Bluetooth issue i guess anders sir is already looking into it if yes there is really a problem than he will definetly try that this will be fixed in next FOTA.

  • FYI, that bug was reported in August last year!

    I don't know how much patience you have. But you are being super defensive of asus for no reason here.

    Everyone is using voip apps like skype zoom duo etc during pandemic times and this should have been 1st priority. Atleast in top 3-4, don't know. We are now 9 months in, and yet no fix.

    Who you justify this? Also if testing takes time and resources then why it was tested wrongfully and pushed as "fixed" in last update? Whereas it isn't fixed.

    Also changelog? Man june 2020 first reported or even jan 2020 all mainstream brands started receiving Airtel voWiFi, why its missing for more than a year at this point? Would you consider it as a feature? Its basic Fundamental functionality. How can you not push something that even 100$ phones have built in?

    Justify this!

    Also I can count you number of new features that are added to CN version of Rog 2, fingerprint animations etc. None of them made it through global builds, why? If it is ready, why not just push it to WW? Literally not all of them were region specific feature.

  • I already said you adding carrier related support like VOLTE/VOWIFI you must know that this isnt in the hands of ASUS adding models into their support list is totally dependent on carriers here ASUS cant do anything if ASUS is there last priority in fornt of other OEMS and hence it will take time from where carrier decides to add that model i dont know how many months it takes for carriers to test but than Asus can only keep requesting them.

    Do you know 5z took almost a year to enable VOWIFI on jio and we had a long story to tell but inshort we hammered jio & ASUS with mails and finally jio gave a positive feedback that we are working with brand to get this enable before that Asus has always tried but jio had ignored and this i can tell you because we where timely informed whenever we use to ask about vowifi for jio on forums.

    TBH carriers always prefer first priority for support on latest & fancy models ASUS came into lights after zenfone 6 came in with its new flip camera technology & carriers started noticing them. Inshort those who do diffrent will always get noticed and so 5z was added in later after every model but let me tell you 5z as a flagship still misses out everything like amazon HD, vowifi, volte for few carriers and this is all because it got old later model to invest time on. amazon clearly said they dont have any plans to add 5z in there support list so now who is here to blame its clearly not ASUS

    I am telling you all this because i am in touch with mods since more than a year now and every possible thing we have disscussed till date. And trust me at some point ASUS & we where helpless even after trying so hard.

    I dont know about ROG features may be those are country specific features.usually OEMS follow request from local public i dont know if same where requested on global forum anytime i am seeing you first saying that CN version is diffrent than WW in forum here. If those are tencent models your are talking about than yes its a partnership for china only versions. So may be that is the reason they cant enable i guess even licensing is all matter of fact.

    About your video calling bug again i am just saying as i said earlier if anders sir have noticed this than he will make sure to get that fix. Yes i belive this should have been worked on as soon as you have reported but i dnt knw why is still bugging you even if changelog bought in fix. Logs will help that to find real culprit where wait is the only option.

  • Are you access this forum through PC? Becuz I can't write this long essay over mobile. Now I found total 3 users who keep defending Asus on all 3 Rog forums.

  • Nope i am on mobile & i am able to write this long. Also Its not about defenders but it sometimes bit hard for users to accept the facts. And so eassy comes out of it to explain it in a proper way.. (more thoroughly).


  • Just one word for that long essay: OPINION.

    You can have your's and people have theirs'.

  • Dear brother,

    No matter how well you defend ASUS either because you are a level 5 member or anything else I don't know and also I don't wanna know. I am using Asus products since 2010 and I accept all the products are off the shelf. But customer service still SUCKS and you have to accept this.

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    It is the same everywhere else. Not just phones or Asus, everywhere from when you are buying any electronics, motors and houses sometimes to other manufacturers.

  • Region/Tencent specific? So extra AoD skins, Fingerprint animations depend on region? Salute to you!

    And about voip call mic issue, i had been in touch with anders since last year, I'm one of the original reporter of the issue, I have already shared like 10-20 logs and videos with anders for this issue. Plus countless other people who did the same.

    Its 1000$ phone I don't care why simple functionality doesn't work.

    Mic on call? VoWiFi? I don't think its not workable given proper attention and forward planning.

    Dude I have 7k rs, Xolo phone that received voWiFi last year. It doesn't even get regular updates, but yet it received one just for voWiFi .

    Now you tell me Xolo > Asus in Airtel's preference list?🤦‍♂️

    Also why should anyone care, who's fault it is, every phone has support this fundamental functionality and freakin' flagship of tier one brand should have it from get go.

  • Dear brother, here we are only talking about ASUS and other smartphone manufacturers. Before buying ROG 2 as my first Android device i used to be an iPhone user and believe me I bought my iPhone 6 online here in India and after 2 months I moved to China. one day my phone showed no service on cellular signal i went to the service centre in Beijing, China and they replaced my old phone with a new one free of cost. At that time iPhone 6 almost went outdated. Let me tell you about ASUS service my charger blown up due to electrical fluctuations i went to the service centre The first thing they asked for is a bill that I didn't have because i bought my ROG 2 online in China and they didn't provide any kind of purchase invoice. So the people at the service centre refused to give me service and even asked for money even though my phone was under warranty. So please don't tell me which manufacturer is good or which is bad.


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    Of course I won't tell you which manufacturer is good and which one is bad. Infact, everyone's experience is different at the end of day. Some people will get bad experiences and some will get good experiences.

    "Let me tell you about ASUS service my charger blown up due to electrical fluctuations i went to the service centre The first thing they asked for is a bill that I didn't have because i bought my ROG 2 online in China and they didn't provide any kind of purchase invoice. So the people at the service centre refused to give me service and even asked for money even though my phone was under warranty."

    2 things though:

    1) Charger blown due to electrical fluctuations - and you want a new phone? Also, if charger is damaged - it's not damaged because of Asus workmanship. This is the reason why you weren't covered, have you read what you are covered under warranty?

    2) You didn't provide the proof of your warranty. How do they know your not someone off the street who do not own the phone? I don't know what you did, but hopefully you went away and brought a new charger.

    You had a goodwill from the Apple shop in China (and bearing in mind I am Chinese too), they like people from elsewhere just like in India when they see foreigners. I will bet you if you did it a few more times, you won't get that same treatment and you will be telling the world that you had a bad experience.

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    Let me tell you another thing, you will probably ask the question why didn't China's Apple Shop ask you for proof of warranty. The answer to that is it is probably most likely you own the phone as most likely you didn't have the phone in Simplified Chinese did you? So it is obvious that you own the phone.

  • Short awnser: no.

  • Lol ...the version looks like zenfone 6...and I am quite sure he posted wrong info

  • Yes build number looks same but changelog is varying in both so 50/50 assurity lol😅

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