An advice to people who plan to buy this phone

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Buy the full pack

By that I mean,buy an antibacterial screen protector which is theoretically more durable than a normal one,Buy a full case,Like the Lightning armour case for example,And lastly,if you can,Buy the full blown out version,not the 8 12 versions,since there might be a deal which the 16 or 18(rumoured) GB versions will have a cooler with them along with other useful goodies,just like how my experience with the rare 16GB version was

Also don't forget to buy it from a Real and trustworthy seller like An Asus eshop or a Reseller like or Wonda mobile,but you should be the ones to do the research,and never go for a lower price than the official one cause most "Cheap" prices are scammy,you might even get a broken phone or a flashed phone which will cause you all kinds of issues

So yeah,think before you buy,and remember,it's the only android that won't lag or stay behind in performance or gaming for AT LEAST 3 yearsThe rest is up to you if you want to extend its lag free years,don't fill it up with useless apps or sketchy ones

Have patience for the rarer 16 or 18 GB versions or otherwise if you want the bare minimum cause your wallet feels all dizzy,get the 8GB version



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