Cleaning and taking care

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What is the best way to clean the lightning case,aeroactive cooler,and screen protector aka the phone?

What should I use?,No that I don't take care of it but since I usually just wipe the screen with a bit of my sweater,would that harm the screen protector?And don't imagine a dusty mess,just a bit of moisture on the screen or maybe some particles on the edges of the case

And I haven't needed to clean the cooler but I also need to know how

Also what materials used for cleaning CAN damage the phone or case?


  • @GREEKLEADER Microfiber cloths (and possibly a few drops of distilled water) are your friends. Using paper or your shirt run the risk of leaving lint of your diplay or in the ports. Also, be careful with alcohol-based solutions when cleaning your display, as they can mess with the oliophobic coating in the long run. As for the cooler, I would suggest that you carefully clean the exterier with a microfiber cloth.

  • Ohhh thats why I see some tiny marks or tiny dots on some parts on my screen protector,well at least it doesn't go to the main display,but I'll keep a second screen protector ready just in case of a severe accident

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