the camera module moves, even at the slightest movement

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I have the 7 Pro from 30 days ago, but what I have noticed and annoyed from the very beginning was the movement of the camera module from its housing, even at a slightly move. Sure, there is an active case with a latch in the retail box, but what if I don't wanna use it?... And when the device it is powered off, the camera module seems like it is falling a sleep - moves even easier. Actually when I am powering on the device, suddenly the motor gets in action and retracts the camera module. Same behavior when I am shaking a little bit the device ( not sudden or aggressive moves...) the camera gets retracted - but this is not consuming quicker the 200k flips lifespan?... :) Anyways, I've had in the past a ZF 6 and the behavior wasn't like this.Donno, it might be the weight, the placement of the moto inside the module, but for me it is not fair at all, the camera module was marketed for the strength - but the flaws like this hidden. Asking a few different users I've got the same observation, the module loosen his position from the housing way to easy. And yes, retracted, calibrated many times - the behavior it is the same. I can really understand how the pandemic affected many things and I am sure that Asus quietly struggled too , but for this product specifically I think it is a major flaw (and that active case comes for a reason )


  • have you also tried to close the camera?? I mean it's an option somewhere in the menu where is the module calibration, it helps a bit but it's true that I thought the module would sit in its housing more tightly...I don't have any experience with ZF6 but I'd expect the module be much better on ZF7 (at least because of advertisements)

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    Yeah I was surprised that it does move around with slight movements. It's a disappointment as I thought it would be stronger with locking into place. I hope it stands the test of time. Though I don't have too much confidence with this design flaw.

    I did have a ZF6 but it was only for a day before I had to return it after it bricked itself after an OTA update. So I don't know if it had the same issue with the camera module. But as you said, it didn't. So it is a shame that Asus couldn't carry the previous model's locking mechanism.

  • Of course I did, not just once, many times. And the behavior remains. And actually the module on ZF 6 was a little bit sturdier - but that's easy to be explained, the module it is lighter on ZF 6 and heavier on 7/7 Pro and not at last, in 7 7 Pro the motor it is insight of the module. Still, and I am saying this based on what I've noticed, when the device it is not powered the module moved even easier. And once is on, you can hear the motor trying to retract the camera each every time - and that for me technically means an electric and mechanical continuous load for the motor. Donno, I may be wrong, but I cannot be satisfied to be worried all the time when the device it is not wearing that active case, almost to ask: why it wasn't designed a latch integrated in the body of the phone if they discovered this issue of the module? The back of the phone really looks and feels premium, but still, if the latch seems to be mandatory , why wasn't included in all of the OEM cases? Anyways, a question not to be answered...

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