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  • again, it takes A LOT of work to build a rom from the group up, especially with all the extra code that ASUS need to put in just for the rog phones like the RGB and the trigger mechanism, they're probably the most non standard Android phone on the market today

    If they released a super buggy beta of android 11, you'll be complaining, if they take too long to release it, you'll complain anyway so its a lose lose for Asus regardless because of people like you and your lack of basic understanding (your words, not mine)

  • If we put through our concerns in the forum it will reach to the company through mods as we don't have direct contact with the company. As far as display issues I would like to have both display issues fix and andriod 11 release together as we can have good performance and all issues fixed together. Also if we voice out our concerns and demand for fix and updates then the company will understand the need rather than letting them update at their own pace.

  • This proves that you want a stable build and want everything to work fine without any issues when they release andriod 11. But we have not even received beta update. You are the kind of person who can wait for months to get a stable software but we are not like that we want them to get started atleast. If we keep supporting brands like this they will take their own time for everything. And beta software is always buggy and it's for testing and giving feedback everyone who understands what is beta will know this.

  • Id totally be open for the mods to ban roughly 2/3 of the forums useless crying babies. They honestly have to put up with the most unthankful crap from those people its insane they havent quit yet.

    That being said i see less and less response from mods these days, which probably is causef by said ignorant babies.

  • I know,it's kind of sad too,but hey,at least they can check who asks what and be done with it right?

    It would be really unfair for the newcomers that have a REAL problem to be ignored just because of some douchebags that give of a bad reputation of this whole forum

    Maybe 1 day they'll ban those kinds of people,you know,the ones that complain all the time for not searching up different settings or blame the mods for problems they got on their scammed phones,instead of understanding that they are,just mods,and even better,stop insulting fans and fact checkers all the time...

    And I do hope that black crush thread is just deleted,it's a complete joke and hell zone

    And about Android 11,just as @botboy444 mentioned,RGB is just the cherry on top,what about the U N P R E C E D E N T E D Performance that might be lost if Android 11 isn't programmed right for this phone

    This phone has too many features that NO other phone has,so it's FINE waiting a long time for Android 11,besides,Android 10 still works splendidly and has no glitches or bloatware on this phone

    I would mention Ram and storage management but it would take too long...

  • For all those who are supporting the company still and don't understand the simple fact that they have paid money to buy the phone and everybody has the right to ask for a proper solution for the problems the phone is having and for updates which other companies are able to provide on time. Also if you people still don't understand it's fine and let's see who gets banned.

  • If you not satisfied, return to phone, it's that simple.

    How is it so hard to simply return the phone and get another one if you have nothing else to do but cry all day long.

  • Neural on this whole discussion, but what you said is such a stupid point, a lot of people including me got a ROG 3 from a third party not from Asus themselves, returning it is not a option...

  • You knew what risk you took by getting the phone cheaper somewhere else, there are even warnings about scetchy Rog phones with flashed roms. Honestly if anything people like you who got their phone should be quite scared of the Android 11 update, because for all we know crossflashed phones might get completely bricked. So honestly before you even join the beta I would strongly suggest waiting to see if on release suddenly a lot of topics with "My Phone froze after Android 11 update" are present before tapping the update button.

  • If u can wait for android 11 then wait that's also simple, I want andriod 11 and Display issues fix ASAP and will write the same in the forum. If u can't take it don't read my comments simple.

  • Theres no proof that android 11 will actually fix anything and being a beta it'll be buggier that android 10, if you want android 11 asap go flash a custom rom. There's one on XDA.

  • Lets not create any dispute here shall we , we all are here to give suggestions and take suggestions and choosing what to do is in the hand of an individual and lets no judge anyone

    Lets be friendly with everyone

  • Oh I still had hope on ASUS team that they will fix the issues. Am optimistic. If you want to use your phone with all bugs you can do it and don't download any further updates released by ASUS.

  • What are you on about? It's A BETA. Of course it will be buggy.

    You must not know what a beta actually is.

    As someone that's ran custom, beta and alpha ROMs, I'm used to bugs and helping the developers squish those bugs ;)

  • If you properly go through my comments you will understand I want ASUS to fix the issue and relase Andriod 11 fast bcoz all other companies have done it and ASUS also has to do it. I have invested money beleiving the companies products and hence I want fix and timely updates. If u are ok to live with issues good for you as it seems you don't care for your money. But I care for my every penny and hence asking company to give fix and updates.

  • I really do not understand Asus. Today I received updated to my ZenFone 6 but to ROG 3 still nothing. For now my 2 years ZenFone od working much better than alleged top model...

    IT looks like for Asus people who bought ROG3 were fooled...😕

  • I was expecting more users like this so that ASUS understands users pain and issues update with fixes soon along with Andriod 11

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