left side air-trigger

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asus rog3,droid10,512gb, recived today and i allready have an issue with left side split air trigger. in cod mobile, the left trigger' s are reversed. like if i press the inner, activates the outer. right air trigger works normal and also in the main menu,, i can see the left side working probably.


  • Asus ROG PHONE 2

    ANDROID 10 - 17.0240.2012.65

    Not rooted

    Issue started from this morning and is on going.

    My left air trigger's half part is responsive and the other half is not responding. The right aur trigger gives resposne when touching all the areas around sensors while in left air trigger only small perticular area of sensor is responding. So it is very Annoying to touch thay specific area only.

    Guide me please..I don't what it started from this morning only.

    Thank you

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