when will the new updates arrive ?



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    No-one is ganging up on you or anyone and no-one is a fanboy if they are on this forum(dummy). If you have so much problem, you can file a class action lawsuit against OEM and ask fellow people from same region to participate if you want somethings to change. If u cannot do that and will continue with your debate, happily do so.

    Neither this post has an issue thats on the device nor author/op is asking for a fix for something. Its a request for general information, not sure why this thread is open until now.

  • Who are you ? A moderator/developer? Customers expect replies from someone who's worthy enough not some random TOM DICK AND HARRY.

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    Exactly. Forget transperency. I haven't seen Asus publicly come forth and accepting these issues. Instead they are busy with their next release. One plus also had their fair bit of issues but they were upfront about it and had planned fixes accordingly. Asus advertised and promised a ton of things but eventually didn't deliver. And now the fanboys rant when we raise our voices. Talk about hipocrisy

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    Lol..I didn't mention you as a fanboy in the above post but u did respond on that and that proves my point. This is a forum and people have all the rights to express their views and thoughts. Just get a life and stop pushing your thoughts on others.

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    Good for you but doesn't mean people are not facing these issues. We all have posted pics to prove our point especially OTT HDR content and we didn't see yours. As far as widevine is concerned again we have given proofs and it is affecting some of the users but not all so it is imperative that we mention it in this forum.

  • It just seems to me that those who here often ask about the update and require Asus to respond, most of all want and want, in essence, to admit to themselves that Asus is not such an irresponsible company there, but the one that everyone would have expected and having heard the specifics - this is honest word, on at the moment, whether the company is developing software for this device or people are waiting, then what is not. people will regain confidence in this company when requests from Asus coincide with their actions, after all, having bought a device from this brand, the buyer contacts the company and Asus, during the entire support of the device, is obliged to answer every questions from users of their devices and give precise and clear answers ...

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    This is why MV is complaining, it's not about "opinion" it's about clowns literally spreading misinformation and blatanly lying.

    Most common B.S and lies found on this forum:

    • Phone is overheating
    • ASUS devs working on non existant Rog 4 Phone
    • ASUS doesn't listen to community
    • OnePlus is superior despite having exacly the same problems
    • No other company has black crush
    • Calling several people who have a brain ASUS fanboy because they state facts
    • Poor battery life

    And the list goes on. You have literally 0 proof for ASUS devs working on a next phone. The issue here are people like you who have literally 0 clue what you're talking about calling people who point out obvious brainfarts fanboys because you don't like reality.

    Hell you talk about how Oneplus was "upfront" about it and "had planned" their issues. Despite the opposite was the case, Oneplus has infact showcased such extreme incompetence that they have given users different answers confusing the entire community.




    I mailed OnePlus complaining about the green tint and black crush issue. They told me that this is an software issue not am hardware issue and they will definitely fix it in the next update (OS11 , Android 11).

    Right now im running OS11 the latest update and still they didn't fixed it.

    I did not expected this from OnePlus, they just CHEATED on us and now i can't file am RMA and replace my OP8 pro.

    This company is a crap.

    In the end, you'll have crybabies everywhere.

    As for this dumbass thread. The update will come when it's ready. That simple. Id rather have an update that is worth something than an update that has been shoved out because crybabies cannot stop spreading tears and force a buggy or worthless update.

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    What zero proof. I have put screen shots for all the issues I have mentioned. And as far as the one plus is concerned just google it and you would know. Even for widevine they had fixed through FOTA. I am upset about Asus not acknowledging in public about these issues and they have always been very slow with their releases. Do you even know what's happening with Zenfones and how sluggish has been their update process. We are getting similar vibes now with ROG3 and we will talk about it. As far as you, MV and the likes of you all...I am going to ignore your blatant conversations from now on.

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    @nightmaster552 How is it wrong to follow up for updates? For instance, do I tell people at work who want me to get something done, that it will be done when it is done without specifying timelines? I would face a lot of heat.

    Also I haven't badmouthed anyone or called the OEM/mods any names which isn't the right thing to do anyway.

    With all due respect I have read and seen your video about the assessment of the issues on this phone and it is certainly beyond my abilities to have presented and comprehended it like you have. But you have to understand there are differences in expectations. Considering the outlay on this phone, they are bound to be high. Plus it isn't that people want to dislike this phone that they post not me atleast. I personally am enjoying this new phone. Shouldn't stop me from asking a few details or should it?

    Do not want to compare with other brands. I have no reason to be in their forums.

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    What is happening with Zenfones?and how are they sluggish what's your point here?

    Zenfone 6 got it's 14th A11 beta today and can get stable update anytime now

    Zenfone 7 has an A11 beta program underway

    Zenfone 5z was recently updated and is on November security patch (I own one so yeah)

    Kinda curious now that you mention it

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    Zenfone max pro M1 got its android 10 beta in Jan but the stable version is still illusive. Even Rog 2 got its android 10 roll out after 6 months other phones got it.

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    Eh max pro series is an entry level series not flagship

    Asus flagship Zenfone series running Zen ui are updated pretty well compared to other flagship devices

    Plus asus rog series usp isn't really it's update cycle there are a few technicalities I'd say with Rog that needs extra tune up compared to your everyday flagship but the point being people shouldn't buy rog for fast updates

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    People buy flagships for top of the line specs which is not just hardware but a stable software as well. If basic features are even not met then what's the point. Asus advertised 144 hz display with excellent quality with pixelworks. Well even if they had given a better 60hz display with no black crush issue, it would have been much more appreciated. Before braging about fancy stuff one should provide the basics first. Once that is stable, only then they should have thought about adding fancy stuff. If the customers won't get what's advertized..there will be retaliation

  • Yes but we all know black crush and tint has been an issue for all OEMs recently,none have a "perfect display" even samsung has it check their community forums,reddit and telegram group and you'll find similar complains

    Iphones have reported display issues too

    And as far as software is concerned it's much better than compared to what other OEMs offer bugs well every ui running android has it rog is no exception but zen ui 7 is one of the best android skins right now both feature and aesthetic wise it's pure android and has same layout etc with Asus features on top of it without bloat which I'll tell you many OEMs are notorious for

  • Trust me not every rog 3 set have black crush. Some might very minimal to notice. I bought rog 3 day 1 release on Malaysia. Now my friend buy on nov. I compared my black crush and his black crush kinda very minimal but mine look worst as fk. Wow it was obvious fking lcd problem for sure but asus wont say it for sure. Go warranty going take forever since there no services center in my area.

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    No bloat is one of the reasons why I went for this but can't compromise on display. Samsung was having these issues with galaxy 9 series but they have reduced it a lot with the newer versions. Rog 3 has a very evident black crush which makes it annoying to view. It is visible even in the armoury crate and most of the games..forget OTTS

  • I don't think it can be categorised as "reduced a lot"

    I still see a lot of complains on the web on different platforms/forums

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    Just one post where a couple of users have it on their units as opposed to Rog where you will find so many thread. Besides I have compared the content on my phone and my friends s20 plus and his looks way too better and didn't notice any issue.

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    Very alarming. And the issues are more prominent in developing countries where asus has cut down prices and it would only make sense to use substandard displays.

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