What should I do if I face the well-known spontaneous reboot problem?

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Zenfone 6, 8GB/256GB, ZS630KL-2A005EU

Latest Patch: WW_17.1810.2009.176 ASUS stock ROM

Bootloader unlocked, Magisk.

Hi all,

I never had spontaneous reboots until about September/October 2020. Now I am also affected by this obviously well-known problem. At least I found several people complaining about the same issue.

I own the phone since February and it worked totally flawlessly before. Bootloader was unlocked since the beginning.

The reboots don't seem to follow any pattern: They can happen while the phone lies alone idle on a desk or while typing something. It also seems not to be related to temperature or load.

Is there a fix other than a hardware fix? I read, the mainboard is faulty. How is the procedure to get this fixed?

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  • My suggestion is that you restore the software to its original state and then you get in touch with your local support

  • Since the bootloader has been unlocked, the product warranty has been lost. Frequent reboots are mostly caused by hardware failures. It is recommended to bring the phone to the local service center for inquiries. Since the warranty has been lost, sending the phone to a service center for repair may incur repair costs.

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    Thank you for your answers. However, in the EU (where I reside) while device rooting can still void the voluntary manufacturer guarantee, it does not affect the statuatory liability for defects:


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    Where do I find the contact details for my "local service center"? And does "get in touch with your local support" mean to contact the local ASUS branch in my home country? Or does that mean that I would just RMA the device with ASUS in my country and specify the error in the document inside the RMA?

    The fault is clearly connected to a hardware failure and as such unrelated to rooting. Can I (and if so, should) I relock the bootloader before sending the device in?

    Best regards

  • As an update: Device is now dead and does not react to any button press no matter how long or in whatever combination. It also doesn't react to plugging a charger in. Totally dead now. Will RMA it.

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