Little Software Bumps

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So I recently picked up the ROG phone 3 and I love it! I am getting accustomed to the experience of the phone and along the way there are tiny little things that I wish were possible.

  1. Add Screen Refresh Circle in the quick menu dragging down from the top. Lets you cycle through refresh speeds on the fly
  2. A way to change the back LED light display priority. For example, I have notifications and power charging on. I would want a way to make the power charging display be prioritized over the notifications display (though some list you can rearrange or something) because right now notifications take priority over that, and I love the idea of being able to tell when my phone is charged enough just by the color of the light. This priority issue is especially annoying when I have battery health options enabled, because the notifications are there all the time, so the phone thinks that it should be lighting as notification over charging. IDK how the front LED works fully yet, but I am not sure if the back has any influence over the front LED

So.. yeah... just some little things I've noticed so far.

Tangental: Does the phone use bypass when the charging percentage reaches the set max? So the phone is off battery at that point?


  • Number one is already available you have to put it yourself

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