Question: Will Zenfone 6 get the new, gorgeous-looking Zen UI 7 updates?



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    I don't see the future of this device looks that bright ! Gaaaaad bless Users (Being one among ☝️)

    ** Heart inside expects a lot but

    it's pretty sure that it won't be that feature rich in coming updates, just few things will be added by ASUS

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    How about the ability to use the device as an actual phone in the United States after the end of this year? That would be a handy feature.

  • And I DEFINITELY want to he new transition animation (reveal), remember I posted that request last year? Because it just makes the device feels so much more snappier! Oh! And the bouncing animation plus the rounded corner design in recent app screen as well!

  • @Anders_ASUS This list posted by Hrishikesh comes from a 6z telegram group that has 750+ members and the items requested have been curated , consolidated and posted here . These are some of the items that we as a group felt that were feasible and would vastly improve the user experience for all of us. Hoping that the dev team takes these requests seriously . Cheers 👍

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    Out of curiosity anyone knows if theres any 3rd app that allows to select ISO in video mode in Zenfone 6?

    There's some specific situations where i wouldn't mind to change the ISO or other settings, especially at night, to make the image brighter.

  • @Anders_ASUS To add to what Hrishikesh has already mentioned, these set of requests come from a telegram group of 6z users which has a strength of 750+ . We have consolidated, curated and posted the list of features which we as a group felt were feasible and would vastly improve the user experience. We hope the requests are taken seriously by the dev team. Thanks a ton !

  • Why the whining? Just install NOVA launcher and problems are solved, right?

  • @Anders_ASUS I always find your reply crystal clear and you are not like others company mod...thx

    But being z6 flagship we expect some features like all other company do. Just dont break my phone hardware that is more important to me than a10 or a11 or hunder of juck feature. But we do need app specific features like listed below so we feel we are using primium phone and not just 5k juck phone

    I requested few feature earlier...if u can throw some lights on it if z6 will have those. Not planning to upgrade z7...maybe next year with z8

    1) Screen cast with screen off to save battery and its logical too why anyone want to see phone screen while casting ??

    2) Network strength indicator on wifi like if my phone is connected hotspot which is 4g+ should show on wifi itself. I saw this feature in some opo phones with colour os 7.2.

    3) Camera option in screen recording. this is a must feature we need as more and more we are doing online stuff so sometime i need to present ppt with audio and i use screen recorder but i need to show my small video in a small window so that it become more interactive and expression full.

    4) Like we have screen recorded...can we have just audio recorder as well. Like recording whatever is the output of ny phone speaker. Sometime i feel i am missing it.

  • Asus takes a long time to update Android with respect to these brands. It was supposed to haver realeased 11 with ZUI 7. Now the new seriously with the 7 and 7 pro will be the new antics with the next version of Android, because the pro will receive and the other wil not.

  • "We're also not going to add any bouncy bouncy UI effects. That's not our way"

    Anders, with all due respect. I'm not asking you to make the ZenFone an iPhone or a Galaxy Phone. I'm not asking for any extravagant extreme "bouncy bouncy UI effects." The Native andriod 10 Stock UI already got a slight bounce in both Recent apps screen and home screen. ZenUI is based on Stock android so it should at least have some of the nice feature Stock has. Furthermore, what do you mean that is not our way? back in the old Zenfone day like ZenUI 4 the animation was playful so don't give me that attitude like I was asking something I shouldn't.

    Besides, the most important thing of all, I've already watched a very comprehensive unboxing of ZenFone 7/pro by Taiwanese Youtuber AiZhen.

    • In his video, animation speed in the developer menu has been moved outside to the Display section in ZenUI 7, that is what I have been asking for. So, 1 box has been checked what's next?
    • On the other hand, a new transition animation (Android 10 default animation - Reveal) is already implemented as the transition animation of Zenfone 7 (ZenUI 7) So, that's another box been checked, what's next?
    • Lastly, Slight bounce in Recent Apps, It's already on ZenUI 7. So, all the things I've EVER asked for in this forum has been checked in the ZenUI 7.

    All I ask is that you will bring these changes along with the System UI update of Zenfone 6, why is that so hard? And on top of it all, smooth animation is one of the main feature you listed on the ZenUI 6 website, So why are you saying "This is not our way"?

    Anders, I really don't get why every time I asked about this you get so agitated with me. Especially everything I want is already in ZenUI 7! So, I will politely ask you again. Will the ZenUI 7 changes bring these features that I've listed above to the ZenFone 6?

    I can't believe I have to get serious like this, Every computer that I've ever owned was an ASUS pc. From my first pc to my current laptop, I always love ASUS. I defended ASUS' customer service when you guys were attacked by others because I've had some fine experience with ASUS' customer service.

    Anders, please understand that I'm not someone who ask for something irrelavant non-stop. All I ask was that I would be given what I've been paying for. Please, be considerate and think in my point of view for a second.

    Be well.

  • PC experience is different from mobile experience.

    Windows/Chrome Os is on ASUS PC while ZenUI (so ASUS' responsibility) is on Zenfone serie.

    Remember that Android is now a mature platform, so what ZenUI need to change are precise elements now.

    ZenUI 6 seems to stick with ZF6, and it will stay like that. Maybe it's a good choice, or not.

  • Of course, I understand. I always supported ASUS even back in the old ZenUI days. I have always appreciated the unique design of the old ZenUI because it really stands out from the crowd.

    Despite many people hate that and ZenUI became more stock and stock, I still appreciate the Zenfone team added some useful features. I will not choose MIUI because it is not made by ASUS, the people at ASUS strive for innovation. And you can really feel the hearts and minds pour into designing the Zenfone 6 and 7 series.

    Sending my best, I will keep supporting ASUS no matter what!

    "Inspiring Innovation, persistent perfection"

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