Rog Phone 3 multiple issues

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Apologies, I posted in the wrong forum. I am pasting the link of that, otherwise I would have to type it all again and position edits as per.

Please do check the concern.

Also in addition

my mobile networks are going off automatically

Two screenshots if they could help

Edit 3 (0602pm IST)

This thing is crazy.

Now it is showing me 2 hour 43 minutes to charge from 8% to 100% using hyper charge.

Can someone please suggest me something?

Is my phone faulty, is my battery faulty or my charger is faulty?



  • Ok, so you feel your battery is not good enough with 9,5h of SOT?

    Have you been experiencing slow charging more than once? Was it hot when this happened?

  • Iam also experiencing the same issue in my new asus rog phone 3. Phone is overheating and slow charging and network is disconnecting frequently

  • The backup got alright after 3 4 charges, maybe the battery wasn't calibrated, but can't you see 2.43 hours untill full charge? That too from 8 to 100%.

    You guys are getting so many complaints in thi community blog, why have you even created this, when this is not user friendly?

    Even if I see past every issue like:

    Black screen crush

    Battery draining quickly

    Charging slowly/quickly sometimes


    Air triggeres not working as each tap

    Heating of device

    How can I see past networks getting disconnected? I can charge my phone multiple times, I will stop using my phone if it gets too hot; but am I supposed to do if th doesn't shows signals, if the device cannot receive any calls sms?

    How can you explain this?

    I am seeing all the comments and all the discussion opened by the consumers in this community. Even after getting so many complaints, how can you guys ask for screenshot and stuff from every new user, who opens new discussion regarding the same issues.

    This is very heartbreaking 💔

    We are overlooking Chinese brands so we don't get some National Privacy issues and Taiwanese companies are doing such scams, and after that not taking any responsibility or accountability for the detected products and flipkart return/replace window is so small, that if someone started facing issues on 11 day, they can't even do anything, and we already know how the support centers work here in India.

    Fucking irritated after spending 50000 on such a device 🙌🏼

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    This a community forum

    It's made for people to report issues (as with other community forums)

    It's highly natural that you'll see problems reported here ranging from some having quality control/hw issues, software bugs etc

    That doesn't mean everyone is having a negative experience ( I see many content Rog 3 buyers in telegram grp for this phone)

    Plus the phone is relatively newer right now people are still figuring stuff and even if issues are reported they'll probably be solved gradually just like the life cycle of every phone in market

    When you say you get less sot it isn't due the firmware or software there are a lot of stuff in play as calibration, ambient temperature,3rd apps running in bg,or you can fine tune some settings say RGB, connected accessories, Bluetooth devices to the phone and network stability (mobile data) or wifi

    Flagship processors like the Snapdragon 865+ are power hungry and heat up quite a bit and Rog has so many other stuff that 6k mah battery is there for a reason

  • I don't know what you mean about not user friendly. We're doing our best to reply all issues. Then there are issues that we need to investigate before we reply because no one will be happy if we first say A and then realize it's B. I also don't follow when you say we ask for screenshot from every user even if it's a know issue. It could be that two issues look the same to you but we think they might be different. Maybe sometimes it's a normal user asking and you thought it was a mod. In general I would say that we only ask when it's needed. I don't want to waste anyone time.

    I'm sorry I missed your connection issue. Is it doing this all the time in an area where you normally have full signal? Was it like this from day 1? You're not supposed to have connection issues so if you do, then we are of course going to fix it. Don't worry.

  • Yes it is doing that in the area where I have full 4g+ connection on my OnePlus 7t.

    If you talking about it is a new phone people are figuring out how this works, why haven't I faced this issue when I bought other phones which are top notch at their time?

    They were also latest 845 latest SD

    And also 855+ latest SD.

    My excitement was gone within 2 hours of receiving this phone.

  • Another update for your community.

    The one who said, after seeing 9.5 hours of SoT, "isn't it good?"

    It shows only the time after 100% device charge if I won't charge till 100% it won't show the time.


    Can you explain this now?

    I did 100% on purpose of showing this.

    You guys officially have to accept that this phone is not 100 user friendly right now.

    And yes, I said "not user friendly" about the PHONE, not the community, get the facts checked!🙌🏼🙌🏼

    How else are you guys planning to correct the issues, if not buying back? Like:-

    1. Issue of networking?

    2. Issue of battery getting discharged

    3. Issue of charging taking more than 2 hours

    4. Issue of Phone meant to be cool, is overheating.(Like what's the purpose of this concept of the phone and air chamber and copper cooling and heat throwing out system)

    5. Issue of black crush on display, 144hz won't mean anything if my game is looking like a dustbin bags

    6. Issue of Ghost Touches. (What will my air triggeres do or fire at, If I can't move or change my viewing angle in games)

    And many more which I can't remember right now and I seriously don't want to type.

    I did type this big again, because I still don't know, what do I have to do with this phone? It is not even upto the standards in practical life, despite being so good at documents!

    #asustakeaccountability 🙌🏼

  • @ckhanna1997 I am returning it ,..never going to buy asus device ever...

    This is the first time i m facing issues like this on a phone.

    Display is pathetic

  • I have placed my return, and now flipkart and their tech agency Jeeves is fucking manipulating things with me.

    Worst experience 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Best of luck buddy. I hope everyone gets their refund🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • I guess this issue with your battery only.

  • Any issue is worth returning if you spend 50000 and the issue is detected within a week

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    1. Do you still have the device? If yes, then we can log it and figure out why your signal drops
    2. I'd be happy to log your device to see if your battery life is draining too fast
    3. It should take a little less than 2h. Maybe it just felt like it took more than 2h? It also matters if you were using the device while it was charging. Charging will be slightly faster if you use the side port.
    4. When is it overheating? Have you checked after last update? It included a fix for some random heating that could happen during normal app usage and some games. I know the phone can feel warmer than other phones doing the same amount of work but this is because we let the heat out. On the inside it's actually cooler.
    5. A FW update is on the way. Lets wait and see after it has been released what we think about the display
    6. This was due to the three finger screenshot gesture. It has been fixed in the latest FW and you can also turn it off

    I will send you a PM with instructions on how to log your device

  • That's it rog phone 3 has Black crush issue and it is a hardware issue after .58 update I checked the Black crush test and I could see only till 10 tiles with full brightness. I'm done with Asus Product and I'm never going to buy Asus Product anymore

  • I just updated my firmware to 58 and i have the overheating issue too while charging ang playing pubg.

    Even without doing anything i think my phone's normal temperature is too high compared to other phones I'm getting 35°c to 37°c at standby

    And 40°c to 50°c while playing pubg after 1 hours or more.

    I don't understand what for is the liquid cooling system when my phone gets higher temperature than other phones doing the same task


  • Can anyone tell me what is the price of getting screen glass replaced.?

    As it broke merely by falling from 1feet😐😑

    I live in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • hi

    i got my rog phone 3 last week. I am pretty happy with the preformance, but i'm just facing a couple of issues. Even though I haven't faced overheating issues while using the phone but the phone really heats up while charging. Also when I leave the phone overnight without charging the phone seems to lose 10-12% battery charge which seems to be too much. Kindly let me know if other people have also faced similar issues. Also if you could let me know how this might be solved.

    thank you

  • Hello sir.

    I buy Rog 3 and from 2 days am using it . Am having problem with VPN connection during playing game ( iuse to play game through VPN bcz the wifi is restricted).it got disconnected in the middle of game several time . Before I was Rog 2 user on which I use to play game through VPN. I had not seen such issue in that phone.( It happens on any Vpn I use )

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