Zenfone 5z Camera Not FOCUS



  • @Alwyn Dude I had the same issue.

    Did all the diagnostics as advised by Asus online Support personal from APAC support team.

    Unfortunately the issue did not resolve for me.

    Took it to service centre and they said I Had to get my hardware changed to resolve this issue.

    I am really confused now because if this issue had happened to only me it's fine . But this has happened to many other users with Zenfone 5Z which is highly suspecious ...

    Just in case any ASUS Rep pops up

    My Complaint Ref No.

    ASUS Service No=A2008028963;

    ASUS Service No=A2008032131

  • AlwynAlwyn Level 2

    I have given my phone to the service center, lets hope for the best.

  • Facing the same issue since mid april. Rear camera does not focus. Tried everything but didnt help. Safe mode. Clear data cache. Another app. But nothing helps.

    Asus pls help here. This is not good that people are not able to use thier rear camera and that too when we bought such an expensive phone. This is definitely a software problem and not a hardware.

    Please release an update with the rear camera focus problem fix.

    Hope this issue is

    being taken on priority.

  • I have done everything from clearing cache to downgrading the software..but still same issue..

    Service centre people says that this is hardware problem and we have to replace the camera which costs around 5500 rs as my phone is now out of warray..

    What should we do next?

  • Having same issues alongwith no signal. is these discussions only between us or does ASUS review them to get their phones fixed. Honestly Guys we should stick with Samsungs and iphones as we want phones that work longer.

  • What was the firmware installes when you got it fixed

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    Hi guhan1995viswa & Docchirag

    Thank you for your reply. Please check your inbox and provide me your RMA no via PM to avoid personal information leaking. Thank you.

  • Fed up. They are not going to fix this issue we are scammed by asus. Now I think that it is done to our phones deliberately not by mistake.

    If it happened to our phones by mistake then they would have solved the issue till now.

  • AlwynAlwyn Level 2

    Guys try calling service center and ask regarding your issues. Tell them that lot of people are facing this issue.

  • I guess we just have to take that to the social media or any other media. Because Asus seems to does not take responsibility for their mistake

  • Please@Christine_ASUS could you PM so that I can send you the the SN and RMA no. Thanks

  • Please help guys, the camera blur issue is making this flagship phone a terrible experience. As many people are facing same focus issue on main camera due to firmware update, Asus should seriously look into it otherwise it will loose many customers in future.

    I have downgraded as well as factory reset my phone but the problem is not solving. Now I don't wish to incur camera replacement cost for their firmware fault.

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  • @Christine_ASUS could you PM so that I can send you the the SN and RMA no. Thanks

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    I'm facing the Main camera blur issue,same as everyone on this thread has mentioned.The camera can focus up till certain proximity,beyond which it evidently doesn't deliver.The wide-angle camera is working just fine and same goes for the front camera.I don't use the camera very often and hence reporting this issue comparatively late.I'm on the latest version,as i just checked,and going by the already tried futile solutions by everyone,i'm least prompted to try them myself.So,can it be resolved without any hocus-pocus?Thank you.@Christine_ASUS

  • @Christine_ASUS Hi Christine! Could you please RM me so that I can share the SN and RMA. I was among the first users to raise this issue. Thanks

  • Same issue with me as well. This has started after the previous software update. The images with main camera is very blur, hard to scan the QR codes as well. @Christine_ASUS How do I proceed to resolve this issue? Have tried all software resets etc and issue still exists.

    attaching one image for reference.

  • Please provide a fix to the main camera focus issue. The issue has wrecked thousands of 5zs'.

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