80% refund. seriously????? (service center is not repairing my zenfone 6 )

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i got my zenfone 6 on mid july, i was happy with that phone but who knew it will become my one of biggest regret.

after update .167 my device keeps restarting and finally dead on 1 august.

through "flipkart complete mobile protection" i sent my device to service center and it reached at service center on 12th aug.

F1 NOIDA CMP TRC, F1 INFO SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES PVT.LTD (CMP) D-245 SEC-63, NOIDA-201307, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA  they sent my device here authorized service center for zenfone.

today even on 5 sept my device is still not repaired. they are making excuses that they dont have parts to repair phone and can provide me with 80% REFUND .

they have contacted me thrice regarding refund.

seriously ASUS ??????

i bought phone worth 32000, couldn't even use for properly for 16 days and now you want me to bear with loss of 20%

shouldnt you provide a replacement if you are unable to repair my phone

its not like i have bought this phone before 4-5 months it wasnt even launched at that time so why should i take loss of 20%

if you cant repair my zenfone 6 , just give a new one as replacement , if you dont want then i want full refund not just 80%

as for serial number of my device here is it

SN = K6AIGF0007522JV

lets see if i can get any help from senior members of asus

my device is in service center from nearly 25 days and my patience is not much great

let me be honest if i didnt get help,

my next option will be to proceed legally.

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