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About The Camera

Today I was taking A picture on 48mp , so i change the resoltion to 12 mp to see the picture quality, But i didn't find much difference why? Can anyone tell me ?

6Z Motherboard issue.

I just ordered the 6z and I would be travelling to Europe after 10 days. The recent Motherboard issue, though affecting a few units only, there is a chance of it reproducing after I leave for Europe. Would I get the required support in Germany under ...

Unable to set .mp3 Ringtones [SOLVED!]

Unable to set custom .mp3 ringtone using default Media Storage app. I have tried multiple ringtones, different lengths and file sizes. I get the message as shown in the screenshot. I can set ringtone using 3rd party apps from playstore, but it's a p...


Fear to update my Z6 due to ongoing motherboard failure issue

I am loving my z6 but in fear that it may stop working anytime due to genenius Asus engineers. A motherboard failure in any phone is hard to do asus proved that it is very easy and any stable fota update can break your phone. No doubt phone is good b...

[SOLVED] Incorrect "Next Alarm" indicator

The "Upcoming Alarm" indicator in the notification panel/System UI and in the default weather widget is often incorrect. In the screenshots below, it can be seen that the current time is 11:56, Sep. 4, and the next alarm - according to the clock app ...

N0EW0CJXBAVX.jpg R1ONEU1NSXXF.jpg 3QY022EPU547.jpg
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[Feature Request] Dismiss upcoming alarms

It would be a welcome addition to the stock ASUS Clock app if it would display an actionable notification 60 or 90 minutes prior to the upcoming alarm, if any, that lets on dismiss it. This is vanilla behaviour of the Google Clock app.

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Slow motion recording time

What might be the slow motion video recording times? Especially interested in the 480fps (720p) recording time. I couldn't find the information anywhere (google, asus webpage).Can 3rd party software utilize the slow motion recording? THe flip camera ...

Device not certfied

Any reason that the Google Play Store says the Zenfone 6 is not certified?

Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_4e_d6dzpygha3pe.jpg